“Wet toilet paper。”

“咦 humans are really disgusting,You still become a monster.。”
Turn around,Catch up,I took another photo to ginger and Nan Ge.,Report security and whereabout,I will say it.:“Go out。”
槐 立 马 站 站,Follow up behind him。
Lanzhou’s temperature is lower than Yancheng,Yancheng’s temperature is still zero,Occasionally,The lowest temperature in the day in Lanzhou has been zero ten degrees.。
Zhou Zhiwei’s ultra-light down jacket wearing himself,It is called again to look at the wearing of the eye.,Also a thick down jacket,Wrapped thick, there is a bit of love, how is it??And why this down jacket has a rabbit pattern in the left chest?Refer to the children’s wear amplified??
In short, you should not make people feel strange.。
“Do you have a golden city in front??”
“I have dotted you with beef string, you forgot.?”
“I said before。”
“There is certain,Previous Jincheng did not now,But still is quite important,There is no such thing as the land on this land.。”槐 顿 顿,“But I can’t remember,These memories are not so important,Basically only a general impression,It is sure that I am sure.。The specific picture is not。”
“Not so important?”
“should,estimate,most。”槐 序 道 道,“But in fact, I don’t know.。But even if you don’t want it.,There is a place in the mind, it is also very difficult.。”
That kind of feeling is not imagined.。
序 的 记 记 记 记,And there is no chapter。
Most monsters have been in the memory of memory.,Impressed often think about it first,Triviality will be reopened later,It may even be directly forgotten directly.。For a relatively big thing, I will remember this thing itself.,Slowly get rich detail。Some monsters are based on timeline,Basically, nearly。
Switch is somewhat different,What he thinks, often because http://www.juxinwang.cn there is no connection before and after,I feel inexplicable.。
“Go shopping。”
Zhouzhi hugged out of the hotel。
Lanzhou has a shared electric bicycle,It is very convenient to,Although winter cycling is cold,But he is not afraid of cold。
Groups are not afraid of adults。
Find a good beef shop in a online word of mouth,Point a package containing lamb skewers,Zhou Zhou looked at the phone while saying:“Nan Ge said there is a barbecue shop.,Sloscope,She wanted to eat when she was a string of life.,Call you to send her a past。”
“Oh when?”
“Go eat tomorrow.,Have a shopping……This is no shackle.。”
“Why didn’t you have a hair?,Not knowing the store name??”
“Your story retrieval plan,Jincheng Station。”
“Oh oh。”I thought about it.,“I am trying to think at night.,Maybe I’m going to dream of this.。”
The two ended back。
In addition to the two bowls and tenth mutton in the package,Silver egg and three dishes,Seventy dollars,In fact, the price is not high,But considering it is a net red shop,It’s not bad.。
After eating。