This purple thunder,Contains terrible destructive power,Bombarded General Shan’s body。

“Fist of the Mountain!”General Shan’s Dharmakaya is not to be outdone,Full shot。
A slightly illusory rocky mountain appeared behind Fashen,Punch out, Fist mark overlaps with sacred mountain,Like a turtle,Resist this thunder and lightning。
Purple Thunder Dragon Sweep,Sacred mountain、All fist marks are broken。
Thunder bombardment,The surface of General Shan’s incredibly hard body became pitted,Fly out。
one move,General Shan’s Dharmakaya was defeated!
Sweeping eyes,A trace of thunder,Blast towards a magic weapon。
moment,The magic treasure of the cave was completely crushed。
General Hui Lei, who was hiding in his master’s cave sky magic weapon, was immediately killed。
Thunder http://www.headcq.cnbombardment,The entire Tianqiong Palace is completely broken!
“Just a dharma body,An ordinary two-footed monarch,It’s cheap, you Tianqiongzong!”Huangshen Taoist sneered。
In his eyes,There is also a little meaning to this dharma body together,In addition, a Taoist master of life and death,More than a dozen people in the world are nothing。