Why did Song Zi Xian not stop??

Although it has been two months,But Gao Bi still didn’t want to understand this truth.。
“Father!Jun wants to die,Chen has to die!Your Majesty,Zhao Xiong Bao Baojian is horses,People with long music,This is Junn,Father can’t refuse。If it is refused,It is not loyal.!”
Finish,Gao Biyi slammed a head。
“Father,Brother is getting married,If a princess,Father’s lost,Parent,Wife lost their husband,Son funeral,He has a sad!
Baby is not filial,May the big brothers and longevity,The righteousness of the whole father and the monarchy,The filial piety of the father and son between http://www.foutj.cn the whole father and the big brother。
Babe is coming here!
It can’t be filial in front of your father.,Hope father forgive,Baby worship!”
Gao Biyi has a header。
At this moment,Gaofu door slowly opened。
The people inside have not come yet,Eye, fast Gao Boyi, is squeezing from the crowd.,Then escape,There is no shadow in the eyes.!
All the way,From the entrance of our homes,I stopped and gasping。
“Open door,Open door。”
Gao Baoyi said that he did not follow the air.,On the side of the door。
Door open,The ancestors exposed a head,I know that Gao Baoyi looks.。
He smiled:“Leader,And see tomorrow,Yucheng will circulate the good words of the high school and the filial son。I feel that Cui Niangzi is now thinking about death.。”
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS77chapter Zhongxiao unparalleled high
Gao Baojian is the son of Cui Niangzi,The http://www.qiongbuy.cn only son,Gao German,Ten thousand pets love。
He has been more than 20 years old,Long eyebrow show。Although there is a high-German shadow,But it is more like some of the mother Cui.。
He is full of young reading poetry,Learning is very good,Human low-key,But also quite proud。
Human Baojian, already opened,Well-behaved son,Beautiful wife,Also a famous door,Still your own cousin。
He did the official to have a national sacrifice,It is one of the main people of the country.(Similar to the North President),The official has done it from three products。
Gao Boyi, touching crawling in the mud pit,Gao Baojian almost everything。
But these two days,There seems to be some winds in the country……Say yourself to give Changle Princess!
Airway,Not yet no sound,Gao Baojian talked about the father’s Gao Dezheng at night.,Find this。
Gao German gave him a little more,Don’t do excessive things,As long as you go to Kozi to learn in the daily time.。Everything is calm,This is the father’s teachings.,Gao Baojian is naturally placed in a heart。
only……Today, he is still calm.,Because it seems to be all subordinates,Both finger points!Several weekdays are not used to my country(Similar professor,But not completely equal),I have been saying my bad words behind it.。
Gao Bao Jian,I can sit on the position of Kozi.,It’s nothing to do with the old German government with the old man.。
But he also has true realism.,Otherwise, this location can sit stable?
Don’t hate it,Gao Bao Jian has always believed this.,Vortex of public opinion,He is too lazy to pay。
This afternoon,Country biography’s cloister,Several Chinese doctors are chatting,The center of the topic is the Chinese boss.。
“Hey,You see the sacrifice(Gao Baojian)No one in the next day,Nostrilical,Now eat it now.。”