She should report directly with the lady.!

Eating meals,Sealing and returning to the gym。
If there is something that must go out?,He has always stayed in villa,This is more secure。
certainly,This security,Be no,But for others,he is at home,safer。
stay at home,Indherending,The gym has become the most popular place.。so,The gym of the sea will have such a complete fitness equipment.。
Gym front desk,That stacking paper and notebook,Solitary lying on the table,I didn’t know where I went wrong.。
night,Dinner,Check some‘Teacher qualification certificate’data of,Then prepare the next day to give the seal lesson,Yunqin washed,Back to bed。
It’s awkward, just asleep,Bedroom‘boom’Sound,The dormitory door is pushed from the outside。
The voice of the two 叽 叽 叽。
It is the other two roommates who have not returned home in the dormitory.。
‘Flush’,The dormitory light is opened。Thoroughly, Yunqin is very close to the eye。
The two of them seem to have not found that Yunqin, who is sleeping in bed.,I have a laughter to talk about the ground.。
Originally awakened,Yunqin with a bed,At this time, I have no sleepiness.。Dark and deep breath,Push up the irritability in your heart,Yunqin sits up,A open bed blind,Outward。
“I’m sleeping,Can you sing a little?!Already eleven o’clock。”
Sudden sound,Make the two people who chat with Zhengxuan。
See Yun Qin talking,Two people look at each other,Flashing malicious in your eyes。
“You suspect,Then you don’t worry.?!”Yunqin opposite the bed,Long curly girl,Do not think。
“Then why don’t you wear a vacuum mask,Email?!”Yunqin back。
Long curly hair woman,“Yo,Luo Yunqin,Go out,The courage,Dare to go back?!I can’t see us,Don’t stay here.!”
“This is a dormitory that the school gives me.,Why can’t I live?,Don’t want to live with me,You are walking.!”
Long wrapper,Take a lower table,Stand up with your finger:“Have your own skills!”
Yunqin is oblique to the eyes, there is no saying,But the eyes flashing with another girl who is eager to try,Laugh。
“OK。Ate,I won,You give me quietness。”
Finish,Yun Qin opened the quilt out of bed。
From‘Luo Yunqin’Can be seen in memory,‘Luo Yunqin’And the relationship between roommates,In fact, it is not good.。
‘Luo Yunqin’I have tried to improve the relationship between room rates.,But unfortunately,No matter how hard she works,Not much role。For half a year,‘Luo Yunqin’Between and roommates,That is to live in a dormitory,Mutual understanding。
Because you want to stay in the dormitory,‘Luo Yunqin’Cold violence against three roommates,Or three people are occasionally troubled by her,‘Luo Yunqin’Choosing silence。
this time,Yunqin selection broke out,Just do it completely‘uniform’This group‘Have a leisure’Preparation for roommates。
“Yun Qin,We are all in a dormitory,Should help each other,Would you like or not??”
The ponytail woman looked at Yunqin’s concern,But flashing excited eyes,It is not like care of Yunqin.。
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS124chapter The younger brother is not too violent08
“Isn’t this what you want??Less talk,let’s start。”Yunqin ridiculous。
I was challenge my mind.,Horse tail,I want to give Yunqin a slap in the hand.。Yunqin went to the girl,A pinching girl’s palm,Just open girls。
“Awfully”,A few knocks sound。
Triple,The atmosphere of the sword,I have a lot at once.。then,Three people’s line of sight looked at the door。
“Who?!”Long scrolls, women, have some nervous asks。
Yun Qin light slight flash,Loosely,Sitting on the stool in front of the table below。
She probably guess who is it?。
In the afternoon, I will give the seal to formulate a tutorial plan.,Almost forgot,Today is also an important day。