“certainly,If the strength is insufficient,I naturally won’t force。”Men lifts the head,Looking at the Wings of the Qing Dynasty and the wing behind him,“but,Whether you lose,I won’t do anyone.。”

“If the guy who wants to come to the left, it is also you.。”The Qing Palace laughed and said,“From http://www.natrual.cn the beginning, I saw the sense of the guy.,If you want the bastard, what is the matter of your bottom line??”
“But you are right。”The wings behind the water behind the Qing Dynasty slowly gathered,Finally become a transparent liquid,“No matter how you can hostile,It is just the dispute between different organizations.,Not your contradiction between me。”
“so,Although I know that Rome is unlikely, I will stop this.,”The corner of the Qing Dynasty hooked slightly,The right hand’s orange gold blade slightly clears,The left hand slowly reached into the water behind it.,“But just defeat you,Or don’t let you defeat, you can。”
A crisp,The left hand of the Qing Palace suddenly smoked from behind the water.,Surprised collision sound,next moment,A light blue transparent blade appeared in his hand。
One blue http://www.dplus3c.cn one gold two sharp edges have gripped in the left and right hands of the Qing Palace, respectively.,Ice cold and hot feelings continue to fill,With the ultimate front,Let the golden in the eyes of the young eyes seem to be blazing a bit。
“Unnecessary!”Qing Qingxi,Rare in the eyes of a hint of excitement,“I want to see,What extent you can?!”
“after all,In addition to the guy,Now the urban city can no one deserves me.!”
Rear Water God Denger,Slowly raise huge long guns in hands,The volume is almost twice that of the rear of the water.,Even the gun handle is almost thick with the arm of the rear.,But this big non-proportional gun is in the hands of men,Non-but no funny feelings,Instead, bring a breath that is not inviolable.,Strong and powerful。
next moment,Not waiting for five and others to react,The body of the two suddenly disappeared between the original place.!
“this?!”Snacks,The next conscious eyes,“what happened?”Not,Even the heavenly crowd is full of superh eyes。
Just now,All of them,Didn’t see how the Qing Qing palace and the rear of the water disappeared,The sky is only the double-blade of the Qing Palace, and it has shot a smooth flow.。
“They are too fast。”Meiqin whispered on the side,I don’t know when to,Her eyes have dyed a purple,“So that our naked eye can’t see their movements”
“So exaggerated?”The upper strip is not stunned,“Don’t you say,If I am playing with Qing Palace now,He doesn’t have to worry,Can also hit me?”
“This is also part of his ability to use。”Meiqin shakes his head,“Using airflow or even thermal energy manufacturing,This is not difficult for him.,but”
“Now not say these。”The purple man in the eyes of Meiqin is getting more and more prosperous.,Even the air around her body can unable to inform the invisible current.,Send a harsh,“I think,Hidden around this,Do you have it??”
“Give me out!”
As the girl drunk,With a dazzling flash,Centered on the girl,There is,There are more than a dozen purple lightning.,The squatting went around!
A dull thunder,Everyone is so surprised,Around yourself,I don’t know when I actually appeared in a group of people.,Silent and infinite,Encourse the females and other people.!
“This is!”Buildings of the palace,When he looks at the scene,Slightly,Then, the pupil suddenly expanded.,Unbelievable eyes come from his eyes,It seems that I have seen anything that is not understandable.,“impossible!”
“how?”The upper strip has also frowned,Looking forward to the big changing face,“How is this going?What is these women going??”
The people around them are still a bit distance from here.,The upper stroke can only see the clever person seems to be a group of women.,In those people,Visible can see a fat body。
“My fucking doesn’t know now.!”Hashibai is a swearing,Into the intimate look remains,“Don’t care about these women‘Annihilate’,But I am sure,In the middle, the golden middle-aged fat pig is definitely his mom Nik Laolste.!”
“This group of people are people in Russia.!”
“Russia?”Surprise,“How is this going?How do they come here??”
“I am afraid it is Rome orthopedic and Russian advice.!”Establishing the face,Muttered self-proliferation,“But,Not allowed to get the Allowance of the total bishop of Russia,How can Nika, a big church?”
“Look like,These guys are like you,Is the so-called magician?”did not expect,At this time, Meiqin suddenly opened.,“Means of,They are now enemies?”
“probably”Check the Queen’s Consciousness,“But I don’t understand”
“That’s enough。”Meiqin interrupted the words of the establishment of the palace,The beautiful face has a clean laugh.,“It is already enough。”
“I don’t care what you want to do.,Or intend to have a boring thing to we do。”Meiqin raises his head,Bright purple scorpion flashed a cold,“I only know,Qing Palace does not let us intervene his battle。”
“certainly,You can’t!”
The first obese middle-aged person saw this scene,Slowly raise hands,See this scene,Establishment of our own flaming swords,But there is still no action that two people have.,Meiqin is moved first.。
A lot of huge sounds like a scream of the orthophare in the sky,The crowd of people,Under this artificial virtual night sky,The original lights made of lights flashed two times,With the hands of the girl http://www.sxdfzj.cn slowly lift,Quietly extinguish。
Big large slice of starlights,Lost the lights with a piece of building,The whole space is almost in a moment.,The main light is turned into still,It’s a beautiful piano that exudes a bright purple lightning.。
This scene looks,Just as American piano, the whole star river!
next moment,A pair of huge and beautiful purple thunder wings quietly opened behind the tea girl,In the loud noise of Tianleong Long,Along with a girl’s self-speaking。
“Come with the decision,Miss this is very unhappy.!”