But then,Still continue to consume,As for other things,I won’t say so much for now。

“Humph,This kid is too arrogant,Let’s go together!”
“That’s right,Anyway, everyone will do it together,He is dead。”
“Don’t say so much,Since this is the case,Let’s all together,Solve him well!”
When these people are talking,The speed starts to increase,Follow the trend。
As for Wang Teng,Helplessly shook his head。
He doesn’t want to provoke others anymore,But what I did not expect is,These people just came here。
If the more so,Then next,In fact, it http://www.b2cjob.cn looks like Wang Teng,Really want to solve this,I can only start from the fundamental problem。
“All right,I don’t want to talk nonsense with you,You go together。”
“Solved your words,I have other things to do。”
Wang Teng said an understatement,But http://www.fuwangv.cn in front of them these people look,Their hearts burst into anger。
do not know why,Look at these people,Start now,In fact, it should be absolutely necessary,Solving this matter properly is the key。
And see here,Wang Teng punches randomly,Fell into the middle。
These people,How could he be Wang Teng’s opponent??
and so,Just after supporting here for a while,quickly,These people began to rout。
“not good,Run quickly。”
at this time,Others realized something was wrong,I plan to retreat from here quickly。
but,Since Wang Teng has already said that,Would it give these people any chance??
So I saw these in http://www.longjuhotel.cn Wang Teng,At this moment,Wang Teng itself,I don’t feel any problems at all。