The atmosphere is extremely tense,Face this situation,Xia Jian was helpless for a while,Fang Fang behind him,Dare not act rashly,Because it’s everyone’s life。

“This is caused by this stinky lady,If you know something interesting,Leave these two women,Get out,The old man you just kicked was kicked by a donkey”Sen Ge quickly pressed another bullet into the barrel,Said to Xia Jian fiercely。
Fang Fang grabbed Xia Jian in one step,Smiled at Brother Sen:“Capable,Leave us alone,This matter has nothing to do with them”
“No way,Which girl across the river must stay“Seng said,There was a lewd smile on his face。
Xia Jian’s mind is turning quickly,How can this be good,Hit and hit,Can’t run away,Is it going to be over here today,But he really doesn’t want to die。
at this time,Just listen to the snap,Xia Jian thought it was Brother Sen who shot again,Thought,Over。It is strange that,Senge is holding a gun,And some of his associates,Took a few steps back,On the rocks on the ground,It’s a little bit。
“Maussen,Your kid is testing the patience of my old man,Dare to move my guest,It seems this place really can’t accommodate you”Look with the sound,Just across the river,Not far from Wang Lin,Standing an old man sixty away,The old man dressed as a hunter,Shotgun in hand,Still blowing green smoke。
When Seng saw the old man,His face changed immediately,He smiled and said:“Misunderstanding,So they are Uncle Long’s guests,That would be offending,We go”
“slow,You guy has broken our agreement,and so,This is ten miles,You better not take any further,Otherwise I can’t speak with this gun,Since which wild boar has been killed,Just take it away!”The old man said,Walked over slowly,Xia Jian saw it clearly,Behind him is a big yellow dog,It’s the one in the yard just basking in the sun。
suddenly,There are tall guys behind Senge,Shouted with a buzzing shotgun:“Are you too domineering,Everyone sees you as a peer,So to you three points,If you are a forest ranger,I won’t pee you,You have a gun,We also have”
This guy’s words just fell,Big yellow dog beside the old man,Like an order,Crossed the river like an arrow,I saw a black shadow flashing,Has reached the big man,A scream,Then there was a bang。
When everyone sees it clearly,I saw the big man with bloody hands,The gun in his hand has fallen to the ground。Xia Jian couldn’t help being surprised,This is really an invisible dog,It seems to be comparable to Xiao Hei。
“Uncle Long,This guy is ignorant,I will accompany you”Seng said,Gave a fist to the old man。
The old man smiled and said:“Maussen,Count your kid’s quick response,Tell you brother,Target yours now,Not only this gun in my old man’s hand,In the tree,As long as you do it,You have to be reimbursed immediately”
“understand,Uncle Long“Brother Sen gave Xia Jian and the others a hard look,The man with him,Carrying a boar,Walked upstream along the stream。