“Since this,You don’t have to call me lady.,Just call……Tears。”

“OK,Tear sister。”
Liao Wenjie shakes his head:“Tear sister came before,I specially contacted Fu Zhurong,He told me that you have twenty five this year.,Just than I am one year old,Still the title of the tears is more suitable。”
Come to tears to keep official parents:“Ager,Free to listen to the age of girls is a trick,Don’t do this next time.。in addition,I don’t have a twenty-five years old.,Terms this year,Fu Zhippron’s information is definitely what problems。”
“Uh,you sure?”
Liao Wenjie,Because of mixed blood,The appearance of tears is far more mature than true age.,This is the case。
Domineering,Spicy,Absolutely born。
Liao Wenjie told the enemy last night,Very careful observation,Come to tears almost perfect,Especially a pair of long legs,Don’t make more career models。
“I am very sure,I am twenty-year this year.,Is there any other questions??”
Low bar,Forgot some things can’t be broken,Liao Wenjie chooses to give three points,But my heart still feels‘Tear sister’The title is more feeling。
It is still the tall building yesterday.,Candidacy love at the top floor,Listening to everyone in my ear, claiming to be 21 years old,Regardless or three public channels shared,Directly ignorant。
“Second sister,You have heard no,Big sister this year twenty-one,Suddenly, I was four years old.。”
“heard it,I doubt that birth prove is wrong.,In fact, my and big sister are twins。”
“Snapped,There is still such a thing,In a few days,Big sister will get my twins,Just sixteen years old this year?”
“This possibility,You are careful,Don’t let her steal the birth.。”
Earset,Two sisters sing one and,Come and tears smiles unchanged,Looking up at the watch,Liao Wenjie:“I set two movie tickets.,Want to see??”
“I have no problem,but,After all, it is a big lady.,Suddenly and a man went to the movie,Outlet,Will not have any negative impact on you??”
“Will not,Package。”
Come and tears first ordered,See Liao Wenjie’s face,There is no disappointment of disappointment.,Take the initiative:“Even if there is a style,Object is Ajie,I will not mind。”
“Laugh,I am very self-known。”
Two people get up,Take the elevator downstairs,Sitting on the Porsche Sports Car,Go straight to the vicinity of the cinema。
Half an hour later,A male hotel staff take the stairs to Liao Wenjie’s door,I don’t see what moves.,Open the door easily,After entering the house, began to turn over the box。
“Little Love,Where is the safe in the suites??”Employee raise his hand to say to the watch。
“Study second cabinet,Open the cabinet door and you can see it.,Password is not clear,But the initial password of this hotel is……”
Thirty seconds,Putting as a hi-hunting discovery,The initial password successfully opened the safe,Then there is……A bottle of grape juice。
“This guy is not a problem with his brain.?”
I have seen a bowel ornamental grape juice.,What did you think of,Normal people will never put grape juice in the safe,This bottle of grape juice is certainly hidden。
She takes out the plastic bag carrying it.,Down a few millislan grape juice,And after the material returning to the original position,Clean yourself left,Be careful to exit the room。
“Tell the big sister,There is no diamond in the room,Let her find a way to set the intelligence。”