“probably not,Shiju team leader,This contingent is only more than 500 people,But when they are very good,Still be careful and cautious。”Meng Changshan said,

“In front of our large Japan Emperor,They all have to die.!”
NS620chapter Lingshi tactics
The twenty-second division of the devil came to China, I have not eaten a loss.,They think that the people who believe that any Chinese army is hit,Wait until the place they did not let the puppet army attacked,Instead, a brigade is all dispatched directly to prepare for the attack.。
Rui is ready to prepare,Still putting out suddenly discovered the enemy,The camp is a hostile shout,Shijimiro ordered the immediate charge。
“Kill chicken!”
This sudden attacked Shiji Lang is very satisfied,I have to go to the gates of the camp.,But I don’t want to be opposite the gunshots get more and more intensive.,And it is a water Tomson charge gun,Run in front of all,Loss of hundreds of work。
Seeing this charge and injury,Shiji Lang immediately ordered her mortar bombardment,I haven’t waited for him forcing fireworks.,Throw out of the campMK1Grenade,Because it is high,The hand thunder is almost all in the devil group.。
Shiji Lang saw the enemy’s reaction so fast,Swear:“stupid,No wonder you can completely 歼 a squadron,Their combat experience is indeed,So fast。”
Rui Rui must,If you don’t have this, you will have a big casualty.,He just hoped that the devil thought that the camp was indeed evacuated.,Otherwise, they have seen that there is no buried in front of it.。
“Stone captain,They stopped attacking!”Meng Changshan said,
“Meng Jun,This time your army charge!Hurry!”Shihu urns,
Meng Changshan ordered a battalion,I didn’t hear a gun on the gate of the camp.。
“Report,The contingent has escaped!”
Stone wood listened to the army immediately,It was found that the camp daily utensils complete,Some quilted,There are still a small amount of guns, ammunition, have not come away.,It looks like a hurry.。
“Shiju team leader,Contingent of people have fled!”
“Immediately chase!Quickly drop chase!”Shiji Tauko waved the army knife command,
This time Wu Kuisheng group and Hashimoto brigade heard gunshots drive over,See the camp only a few soldiers in the care of the wounded and trophies,They also followed up。
Rui Rui will never have a pseudo-military hard fight with the devil,The purpose of this devil’s mountain is the new four army independent group in the clear mountain.,They don’t complete the task.,So I don’t worry about it, I don’t catch it.。
Qi Rui tactics is a mouthful to eat these devils and puppet,This can not only reduce your own casualties,More able to exercise your own interstitation,This is his Lingli tactics。
Qi Rui is to tell the soldiers through combat,It’s not that you have to make it, don’t touch the devil.,Let the soldiers fully understand what is guerrilla warfare,We are going to play with devils with devils.。
The devil’s information is a few hundred people,Just now, from the gunshot, the number of probably is about 300 people.,The development of this development is still looking for a national army.,So the two devil brigade is still not hesitant.。
“Big brother,Who is coming on the devil!But the puppet army is in front。”
“Whether it is a puppet army or a Japanese army, it must be eliminated.!This must be named!Because our team is called killing temporary group!”Ritual,
“Big brother,Listening to this name, you have urine.!”Zhou Dawiang smiled,
“This time no,But one day they hear this name.!”Warful waving fist,
The people who ride and the twelve mountains Wangzhai are all ambushed here.,Rui Rui found that people in them are quite tense,Whispered:“Twelve Mountain Wangzhai,Blood buddy riding!This,You know that the little devil is the same as the rabbit you play.,It will be killed in a shot.!When I arrive, I will order it to show me.!When the country has arrived!”
“Qi Lauten,We have long been looking forward to this day.!”Longjing Wei first attached,
“Bros,Number of devils you kill!See who kills!”Duan Yu shouts,
“Home,In addition to the big, who is more than you have!”