This bullrel that brings yourself a shame must die.!

First in the top of the Taiping Mountain, it is 500,000.,After that, I beat it again.,I don’t know what to use now.,Make yourself。
If he does not die,I don’t have to be a person in the future.。
on the stage,Sitting in the piano in summer,With both hands,Pick up a row of pirate。
He didn’t make Xuan Xuan,Double-handed。
“叮咚 咚咚……”
“This guy will not be……Really doesn’t play the piano.。”
“Hahaha,Put into force,It turned out to be a mess,Different Zhou Yuanyuan,Very happy at least a few bombs。”
“Don’t play it with hair?。”
He Yong and other small groups immediately ridicule,Derogate,Immediately attract a burst of array。
after all,Summary this is not understanding the piano, but the stupid existence of the piano,Come to a certain degree of credulous behavior。
Gu Mengmeng,Put down the mobile phone video,“Big sister,It turns out that Uncle doesn’t play the piano.,Then he let me video.?”
The second night is also a little crying.,Shake your head,“how could I know,His people sometimes is not normal.。”
Not finished,Gu Mengmeng,And home。
Original messy note,I don’t know when I change it.。
Simulation of the sword,It’s like a heavy hammer in slamming iron drum.。
Speed gradually accelerated。
faster and faster。
I have not been able to capture my hands with the naked eye.,Only the sound of the 铿铿 铿 is stirring……Leading everyone’s heartbeat。
The discussion did not know unconsciously。
I don’t know if I don’t feel quiet in the hall.。
Some people doubt,Someone is surprised,Shock,Some people are full of strong unbelievable。
“this is……”
“God of War。”
“original version?”
God of War,Most people have heard,Even someone set it into a ringtone。
But everyone is swearing,The piano in front of you is absolutely different from them.,absolute!
Gu Mengmeng stood up,And what did you think of,Quickly raise mobile video。