She laughed。

The sound is surging a sense of meaning,“Very good,Nice,So many years,You are still the first person who dares to talk to me.。”
Although she is laughing,But no one can hear the implicit killing in the voice.。
Follow,A shape of the body is in the eyes of everyone。
When you see each other,Everyone has changed color。
Including summer。
Also shocked!
He is so,More people。
Everyone is slightly headed,Look at half the air。
Be right。
It is half-air。
A full of beautiful people,For example, nine days of fairy is generally elegant,Salvana,When you are like a fairy。
“This……This……This is……Sanctuary?”
All have lost color。
Everyone’s heart has set off a huge waves!
To the holy realm!
That is the highest realm, known。
Don’t say Huaxia,Nothing around the world。
And the Guardian Alliance,It is the sacred border!
The reason why everyone is so sure that the other party is to the Shengjing,Odorless floating。
The biggest reason is……When the woman comes from the air,Dictionary is a person,But as if we waited in the whole world。
Everyone feels extremely heavy pressure。
Woman is tall,Veil。
Although I can’t see their appearance,But I want to come to a good people.。
Arrive around。
Dead and quiet。
Women come in the air of Na Na,When you are like a dust,People dare not give birth to the heart。
Come to the top of everyone,She slowly walked down from above.。
She left down。
In a virtuous sky,At her feet, it seems to have a stairs in the first-order.。
Step by step。
Random walk。