Xia Jian ran to the parking place quickly,Really thank goodness,The car is still parked in place。But at the door,There are a few men sandwiching Aju,Push around,Yelling and cursing。

Xia Jian didn’t expect it to be,Dozens of people in the car,Everyone stretched their heads and looked out,But no one dared to come and help,Even the driver is sitting in the driving seat,An anxious look。
Xia Jian heard from A Ju’s crying voice,She is in trouble。Others don’t care,He can’t leave it alone,Anyway, it’s out of the boundary of Teng County,No one knows his identity yet。
“What people do?”Xia Jian suddenly yelled。
Who can’t help being surprised,Suddenly stopped。A forty-something,Bald,The fat man with his shirt half-opened looked at Xia Jian sideways and said:“Who the fuck are you?”
Xia Jian is most uncomfortable with this kind of person,No matter what,Curse as soon as you speak。He asked coldly:“Who the hell are you?”Xia Jian’s voice is also loud。
The fat man’s face couldn’t help but change,Where did I froze for a while。This place is his site,No one has ever dared to talk to him like this,This kid is so arrogant,Inevitably surprised him。
Xia Jian takes this opportunity,He pulled Aju out of the circle of people,Asked quietly:“What’s the matter?Tell me quickly”
“They are going to send someone to my car,But one person only gave 150 yuan,It’s too little,Not worthwhile at all,So I don’t promise people,They move,Where do you want me to be where no one is,I dont go,So I tore it up”When Aju said this,His face is full of gratitude to Xia Jian。
No matter what,Among so many people,Only Xia Jian dared to stand up and help her。Woman has a sore nose,Two drops of tears came。Away from home,It seems that making this money is not easy。
The fat man slowly recovered,He said in a low voice:“Kid,In my place, I advise you not to pretend to be a hero。This matter has nothing to do with you,If it is a passenger,Please get in the car as soon as possible,If passing by,Please also leave”
“What am i on,What is away,You are bullying my wife here,How can i leave it alone”Xia Jianyi,Smoothly。Anyway, this woman’s age is not much different from him。
Fat man,Asked a thin and tall man suspiciously:“Big man,Didn’t you say that this girl has no master??How come a husband suddenly appeared?”
“It’s not clear,Anyway, I asked,In the past few months, she ran a single lane alone,I haven’t seen her husband”The big man yelled。