Blue Xin did not take a dedicated elevator this time,It is directly to take the elevator of the first floor hall.。

She walks from the lobby,Also purposeful。
After all, the other party wants to see that she is angry.。
Tears is her thigh,Enter the elevator,She is some complaining of themselves,Why do you start with yourself?,it hurts,I have a certain green.,She is not like, the little guy,I have to cry.……
The Journey to look at Lu Hao Cheng’s face is terrible.,Some nervous:“Continental,I will inform Lin Ye when I see the news.,Lin Ye is also afraid that the lady is angry,Already went to the restaurant to check the camera,If Lin Ye successfully got a video,You can prove that the main innocent,Lady will not be angry。”
“Um!”Lu Hao nodded,Cross the way:“I will give my wife to my wife.,Ask where she is,She eats less early,You let her have a early lunch. 。Her clothes are wearing,You let Su Sacrifice on the car with more clothes,in case for need,She now probably I don’t want to pick up my phone.。Tell Lin Ye,Let him find who is in the pit as soon as possible。”
Lu Hao Cheng finished,Long legs,Quickly go to the office。
“Hey!What are this?!”Right Jack is helpless,These days,Obviously some people deliberately do。
Joe Yi smiled:“Assistant,Is the lady who is angry??Lu Gong, you all explained,She still doesn’t believe it.。”
The Jiefang is listening to this,Fast back,The eyes are indifferent to see Joe Yiyi。
“Qiao Association,I advise you to work well.,Things of the husband and wife,You are less mixed,This Lu Group,My wife said,Hello。”
Yourn,Quick departure。
Leave a shocked Joe Yiyi standing in place。
This Led Group is Lu Haozheng,Why is Jiang Lanxin to say it??
She is a little negligent,Look at the information in my hand,Grapy,I understand my own gap between myself and Blue Xin.。
Controlled the first family’s proud,What honored is it?。
How to do Blue Xin is?
Lu Haocheng just priest,Obviously, it hurts Blue Xin to the bones.,Woman,She can obviously feel that Lu Hao is a love and favor of Blue Xin.。
Lu Hao,Sitting on the couch,Pick up your phone to Lin wild call。
“Hey!Continental,I really think of calling me now??let me tell you,Diamese is cold。You are hugged by the two women,Camera is bad。”
Lu Haozheng,Some headaches,“that is,From Yu Yu’s things,Has anyone arranged everything??”
Lin Ye:“Um!The purpose of the other party is simple,Just dismantling you and blue。Is the blue and blue??So this time this time is a lot of。But the other party also knows your current situation.,so,Do not leave traces。”
“Give me check,Who is it to find a dead??”Lu Hao Cheng finished,hang up the phone,Handsome face angry。
He is irritated on the sofa,Think of the small face of the tears,His hearts tearful。
The tall, the body can’t help but shake it.。
In the morning,They still have a heart to work together.,Her mouth with shallow smile,Be beautiful,Fans his eyes,But the next moment,I broke everything by this ghost news.。
Lan Xin didn’t think of a reporter on the first floor.,She just went out,There is a large number of reporters surrounded.。
The security of the gate is immediately blocked immediately.。
Blue Xinyi,Let them leave。
These reporters are also a good thing here.,After all, her is also needed to propaganda.,Not?Allocate,I will secretly destroy her and her husband’s marriage.。
Blue Xin has had to ignore the place you just hop.,Happiness is too long,She really doesn’t have anything to cry.。
“hiss……”Blue Xin secretly sucker,very painful。
She blinked and shines bright eyes.,Instant red eyelid 。
When the reporter came up,I saw this scene.。
Some reporters quickly ask questions:“Lady,The lace news has been constantly,This does not match the rumor,Excuse me,Is there a relationship with the women outside??”
Blue Xinhong,But laugh and answer his question:“My husband and those women have no relationships.,Just some people deliberately afraid of the photo upload to the online,Falling my husband,Everyone’s eyes are bright,Not?Those photos arepfrom,Don’t believe it is true.。”Blue Xin is not ill,Smile and elegant,The sound is clear in every person’s ear。
“But the lady,Your eyes are red,Is it because the land is always saddened??”
Blue Xin is light:“This reporter,you misunderstood,Cold weather,Bigger,Into the sand。”