” Just when Xu Ru said this,She has seen a little wolf from the orchard.,The little wolf saw that Li Hui rose directly.。
This scene, the direct tightness of Xu Ruzhen, I dare to let go.。
Li Hui said that this little wolf is also a brow.,He originally wants to fly the other party,But immediately he stunned.。
Because the little wolf hugs with his trousers, it is very close.,Then just bite his trousers, you want to drag him.。
,At this time,Li Hui also feeling soft feelings from the arm。
Slightly,He stunned,Because Xu Ruzhen has scared directly to his arm,Especially that deepVThe neckline is in his eyes。
“Yunjie,It’s fine,This little wolf is probably what is going to find me.,If you are afraid, go back first.,I am going to a mountain to see。”
“what!Then I am still with you.,I am more dangerous alone.。”
Looking at the look of the little wolf in Li Hui Feng Pantry,Xu Ruzhen even doubts this is a dog,If it is not that tail, it has always been pulling.,She will definitely take this little wolf as a dog as a dog.,Then go to touch one。
But I have already heard the other party.,She is now, I don’t dare to touch it.。
“OK then,Yunjie, you wear a high-heeled shoes, walking mountain roads can be a bad walk.。”
“Nothing,I am used to it。”
Xu Ruzhen naturally knows that wearing high heels is not good.,But now this situation is not allowed to choose from,If now,What should I do if I meet a wolf on the road??
But I will only go with Li Hui with Li.。
“Would you like me back?。”
Hesitate,Li Hui also made a decision,After all, the wolf nest should be far from here.,Otherwise, the people in the village should often see,But in addition to him outside of Xu Yingying,The village people didn’t seem to have seen the wolf.。
Xu Ruzhen was asked by Li Hui’s words.,Think of the waist with Li Rong,She feels enough to be embarrassed.,Now if you let the other side,The contact of the body will definitely be more obvious.。
“No need,I will follow you yourself.。”
After saying this, Xu Ruzhen suddenly regretted,After all, she has not talked about love for three years.,Although there are many chasing her,But let her heart is not a。
I don’t know how.,Today, I will have a variety of feelings of Li Hui Feng in Lotus Village.,She didn’t feel like this when she was in the store.。
“Oh,OK,That Yunjie, you are slow to follow me.。”
Li Hui also knows that if he is back to the other side, it will inevitably.,Especially this is still summer,Both people wear are more cool,His university did not graduate to meet a twenty-seventh year old woman,If you really have to come into contact,He does not necessarily guarantee that there is so strong self-control.。
Xu Ruzhen also didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng actually agreed so much.,I don’t say much about her immediately.,Instead, slowly follow the Lee followed。
But that little wolf is running fast,Just, it will see that Li Hui Feng and Xu Ru will stop waiting for two people.。
Mountain road rugged,Weeds,Xu Ruzhen is now thoroughly regretting Li Hui Rong together.。
She really wants to turn back to go back.,But looking at the dense land behind him,Her feelings are still afraid。
Suddenly she slipped one foot,Then all people are directly squatting。
Li Hui has always paying attention to Xu Ruzhen,He also felt that Xu Ru is going too slowly.,If he is now, I am afraid I have already seen the wolf nest.。
“Yunjie,Are you OK?”
Give it directly by Li Hui,In particular, Li Hui’s hands almost encountered the place that should not touch.,Xu Ruzhen is not ashamed。
Although she said nothing,But when she lives in the city, she climbed over the mountain.。
That playful face has been hot, it has been hot.,It’s better to see the blush.。