Wang Youcai couldn’t help but nodded repeatedly。He thinks this Doctor Lu is better than he thought,It seems that when we cooperate in the future,He is so mindful。

Three people chatting,So I talked about the opening。Wang Youcai said his thoughts,I want to set the opening time to the eighth lunar month。
Doctor Lu nodded and said:“Row!Today sixteen,We will officially start the day after tomorrow。Doctor He I hired for you,Did you meet the last time?,Talk about specific work”
“No need!Here you are solely responsible。As for Dr. He, you will also lead,Her salary or something,You are better at,It’s up to you。Oh!What about the accounting?”Wang Youcai said,Suddenly worried about this。
Doctor Lu laughed and said:“This is easy!look。We usually let Julan keep a running account,I’m done, hire an accountant,I’ll do it on my behalf。What to do,They are very clear。You only give them money every month”
“Here is the agent,You can help and do it too!Anyway there is a mobile phone,Your contacts are also convenient”Wang Youcai smiled,Push everything to Doctor Lu。He wants to see,How capable is this Doctor Lu?。
Doctor Lu,Not only did he refuse to say that he couldn’t do this,But rather happy。Wang Youcai couldn’t help but took a breath。This old man who almost went on Huangquan Road,After being rescued by him,I didn’t expect it to be so powerful。Don’t know if it is a blessing or a curse,It seems that Wang Youcai has to take a gamble。
At lunch,Julan has returned with six sets of white coats。Two sets for three people,Because I have to change,So this is a must。
Finished lunch,Wang Youcai called Doctor Lu and Julan together,I also called Wu Wu over。He smiled and said:“Doctor Lu!We opened on the 18th of the twelfth lunar month,I’ll leave everything here to you,Julan will cooperate with your work”
“Wu Wu is here to help these days,I’ll buy some invitations later,Let’s write an invitation,You will also do the invitation。The task is not small!Because time is tight”Wang Youcai said to these people in a calm tone。
Doctor Lu nodded and said:“Ok,We went to help”Doctor Lu listened to Wang Youcai’s arrangement,I waved and took Julan away。
Wu Wu thought for a while and said:“Wang Ge!Let’s list all the people to invite,Then buy invitations based on the number of people,What do you think?”
“sure!I’m getting smarter and smarter now,It should be like this。Do business,Also know how to save。As the saying goes,Home from the details。You will understand in the future”Wang Youcai said,Found paper and pen in the drawer,The two planned。
Opening this is a great thing,My family must be there。Of course,Family members don’t need to post invitations,But what about relatives and friends in Xiping Village?Wang Youcai is a little difficult。
“Wang Ge!I think!All who can please。They can’t come empty-handed anyway!We just got a little trouble,But after the general ledger,You will earn”
“Okay!How about this!You call Tian Wa and Liu Changgui right away,Let them go to Bucheon tomorrow,Help me the day after tomorrow。I’ll leave all the errands to you,This must be done for me”Wang Youcai gets more excited as he speaks。