This time Xiao Yang consumed a total of 20,000 men,It can be said to have lost money。

Hand spinning!
at last,Hands stop,The system prompts Xiao Yang to move a capsule,After Xiao Yang learned the name of the capsule,Can’t help but froze。
First28chapter Snob
Super gorgeous-Encounter capsule?
Xiao Yang is a little confused,It’s actually another Yan-Encounter capsule,But this time the power of the capsule seems to have increased a lot。
Eat the capsule,no response。
Xiao Yang knows this is normal。
At this time, Zhao Xueyi said:“director,Get together tonight,Treat it as a celebration。”
Xiao Yang smiled,“it is good,Location you choose,Must be tall,Must make everyone happy,I’ll pay the money。”
That full-fledged upstart。
Zhao Xueyi nodded。
Gorgeous-Yu never came,Xiao Yang forgot about it。
Half past six in the evening,Everyone pack up,Ready to dinner,Zhao Xueyi’s place is Donghae Ginza,The highest place in the East China Sea。