A short story every four days or so,He can also broadcast three stories,Can definitely push the listening rate of Liao Zhai to another height。

this day,Xiao Yang put a morning shift for everyone。
Back to residence,Xiao Yang starts to consume popularity value to draw。
Pointer rotation。
Consumption of popularity value of 10,000。
system hint:Congratulations to the host,Get a lucky capsule。
Xiao Yang was taken aback,“Lucky capsule?”
The system prompts:Host please note,Before completing the first task,You still have two chances to draw。
Xiao Yang is a little confused,Why didn’t you remind me that the number of draws is limited??
Depressed Go Depressed,Xiao Yang is still very happy,He didn’t eat the lucky capsule right away,But put the capsule away,Then I turned on the computer and entered the official website of Dongsheng Entertainment。
He wants to sign up for the Military Novel Grand Prix organized by Dongsheng Entertainment。
It was at the award ceremony yesterday,Dongsheng Entertainment intends to announce the official start of the Military Novel Grand Prix,It turned out to be frustrated by Xiao Yang。