Xiao Yang turned around,A punch on Duan Hongfei’s feet,Duan Hongfei screamed,Fall to the ground,Holding his leg with painful face。

“court death!”
The disciples of the Tai Chi Hall were furious,Surround Xiao Yang in an instant。
Everyone was shocked。
“Xiao Yang is miserable this time,Even Duan Hongfei dared to fight。”
“Not fight back,Is it beaten??”
“Just,If you don’t fight back,The injured person is himself。”
“Not fight back but hurt,If you fight back, you will definitely die,Tell me which is the best deal?”
“The vice principal is here!”
Behind the crowd,That Vice Principal Wang really came。
“Let others leave first。”Vice President Wang ordered。
School security immediately evacuated the crowd,But Ji Anran was killed and reluctant to leave。
quickly,Only the people from the Tai Chi Hall and Vice Principal Wang were left at the scene,Ji Anran。
Vice President Wang asked the school doctor to treat Duan Hongfei,Then looked at Xiao Yang and said coldly,“Xiao Yang,This is just a sports meeting,Why did you put such a heavy hand?”
Xiao Yang frowned,“He attacked me,Can’t i fight back?”
Vice President Wang Leng Hum,“I only saw you hurt Duan Hongfei。”
Xiao Yang is happy,No wonder this guy came so timely,This guy definitely has a close relationship with the Duan family。
He really guessed right,Vice President Wang is Duan Hongfei’s cousin。
A disciple of Tai Chi Hall said coldly,“Deputy Wang,Hand him over to our Tai Chi Club。”
Deputy Wang nodded,“Maliciously injured classmate,I will revoke his student status。After the student status is revoked,You can take him away。”