in fact,If it weren’t for it,,He was too embarrassed to borrow money from Xiao Yang。

but,He really wants to join the Go Club。
One thousand yuan registration fee,He really can’t take it out,And he dare not ask for money from his sister。
Ji Linghai stood at the school gate waiting for Xiao Yang。
At this moment, a few female students walked out of the school gate。
One of the pure-looking female students said hello with a smile,“Ji Linghai,After school,Why don’t you go back?”
Ji Linghai touched the back of his head and said:“I’m waiting for friends。”
His face is a little red,Dare not look at this girl。
Used to low self-esteem since childhood,He’s really embarrassed to talk to beautiful girls。
not to mention,This girl is the flower of their class,Monitor,Xia Mengli。
A girl next to Xia Mengli chuckled,“You just transferred,Where did friends come from?”
A rich girl said with a smile:“Where is your home,My dad’s waiting for an opportunity to pick me up,I’ll let him see you off。”
She has no evil,But the ostentatious tone is very uncomfortable。
Many rich people in their school,Finally, a poor student transferred over,Of course these people must fully demonstrate their superiority。