Zhou Rui married me,Is supported by her mother。

Very,She gave me a secret idea,Want us to get a marriage certificate first。
Got a marriage certificate,Zhou Rui’s dad wants to object,Too late。
Because of divorce again,Zhou Rui is second marriage。
Deep-rooted family values in rural areas,Is biased against divorced women。
I listened to her mother,Tell Zhou Rui about this again。
That evening,We just finished exercise,I told Zhou Rui about this。
Zhou Rui patted my thigh,“This can definitely be done!”
the next day,She took me to get a marriage certificate。
I still thought,If her dad finds out,Will you turn your face with me。
Unexpected,When everything is done,Although her dad gave me a look,But didn’t embarrass me。
It’s only a few years,I want to divorce Zhou Rui now,I really don’t know how to tell her old man。
Said Zhou Rui cheated,Are they kept by others??
Say i’m outside,Have any other women?