Regarding the encounter at Taoyuanju last night,I still remember。

Hesitated,I mute the phone,Left it aside。
I really drank too much last night,Otherwise, I won’t go to Taoyuanju to catch other people’s wives.。
Since Zhou Ruiqian took the job as a delivery worker,,It’s been many days without cleaning。
I spent an afternoon,Clean the corners of the house。
Then prepare to sit down at a table of food in the evening,When Zhou Rui comes back,When you have a good meal,Suddenly heard someone knock on the door。
Seldom come to our house。Zhou Rui’s parents and I,All in the countryside,I can’t come once or twice a year,and, Every time I come,Will call in advance to let us pick up。
And my friend,Almost never visit home。
Zhou Rui has only one friend,That’s Wang Yi。Is it her??
I opened the door,It turned out to be Wu Lan。
Suddenly,I look very embarrassed。
“Your family lives here。”Wu Lan said,Before I say, please come in,She walked in on her own。
Isn’t this nonsense。
Since she can find my home,How could you tell“I live here”Such a contradiction?