Xiao Yang’s fan group is extremely active。

“correct,Who can find Teacher Xiao Yang’s Weibo account?This group can’t do without Teacher Xiao Yang。”
“I know people from Dongsheng Radio,I’ll look for it。”
Xiao Yang’s fans started to take action。
Almost simultaneously,Online,《Ghost blowing lamp》Book friends are also growing。
In an office,A quiet and beautiful woman is chasing her。
“Xiao Yang of Dongsheng Radio,Interesting young man。”Wen Jing women are also paying attention to Xiao Yang,She is very picky about novels,But was《Ghost blowing lamp》Attracted。
“director,in the afternoon3Point a meeting。”Someone knocks on the door to come in,Sent in the meeting materials。
“Got it。”Quiet woman put down her phone rather reluctantly,Start preparing for the afternoon meeting。
now,Xiao Yang is brave,Already put《Ghost blowing lamp》Completed the first part。
then,Xiao Yang began to recall a TV series he had watched in his previous life,He will adapt this TV show into a novel。
What he wants to adapt is《I have a date with zombies》。
This TV series was extremely popular back then,Plus his adaptation,There is no reason to not fire。
Xiao Yang is confident,With own creative ability,Can definitely adapt a more exciting version of the novel。
Take the memory capsule,TV series《I have a date with zombies》Every detail of is vivid,Subsequently,Xiao Yang just started the verb。Write until three in the morning,Xiao Yang stopped,After uploading the novel,He just rested。
the next morning,The editor of the wireless network saw that Xiao Yang actually uploaded another novel,Can’t help but froze:“Double open?”