Three figures carried the wooden box to the front。

“Wei Yu,Met His Royal Highness Chu!”The figure in the front stopped,and,Put down the wooden box on his shoulders。
“Commander Wei has worked hard,In this box,Is it money for disaster relief??”The youth nodded。
“Yes,Almost two hundred thousand taels。”Wei Yu nodded。
“Only two hundred thousand taels??”The youth is a little disappointed。
“They can spit out 200,000 taels in one mouthful,It’s already good。”The old man reminded。
“Your Highness,We were assassinated in Huangpi Ridge,The shot was a sixth-grade dramatist。”Wei Yu spoke again。
“Six-level drama dictator?How did you survive?Is it,Has Commander Wei successfully broken Rank 6??”Youth surprised。
“Do not,I am breaking through,But not yet successful,Can survive,Because there is a Taoist heir at the scene。”Wei Yu tells the truth。
“Taoist heirs?!”This time,More than youth,Even the old man was surprised。
Yan Ruyu didn’t know the drop of his notes。
He just wants to find an inn now.,after all,The reason why I didn’t live in an inn before was because I didn’t have money,But now there is money,Why not live?