in other words,Zhou Rui is really at her girlfriend’s house。

Figured it all out,I feel relieved。
Just got angry with Zhou Rui,It seems that I was really stunned。
but,I still don’t want to bow to Zhou Rui。
And Zhou Rui didn’t care about me anymore。
At ten thirty in the morning,Yao Yun called me。
This surprised me a bit。
“President Yao,What do you want?”I asked。
Yao Yun’s voice is a bit embarrassing,“You resting at home okay?”
Heard this,A trace of warmth flashes in my heart。
Scenes when the two of us were on a business trip,Flashed through my mind。
as if,She is standing in front of me now,Smiling face,Smart eyes are blinking。
“Okay,Thank you Mr. Yao for your concern。”Although I didn’t laugh out loud,but,The smile on my face is very strong。
Stay with her,It feels like a spring breeze。
“When do you have time,I want to meet you。”Yao Yun said。
Meet me?
She won’t really like me anymore?
Subsequently,I feel naive。
Yao Yun can play with me,but,Never have a real relationship with me。
I have a group to inherit in the future,What am i。