Interview with China Tennis "Little Flower", Zheng Qinwen, the top 16 of the French Open Women’s Singles in 2022: The current dream -the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

At 3 o’clock on May 31, the fourth round of the women’s singles in 2022 ended.

The 19 -year -old Chinese teenager Zheng Qinwen leaned over to sort out the racket and prepared to leave silently, but she sounded endless applause behind her.

In the just -concluded competition, Zheng Qinwen played the number one seed in this year and the world’s number one Polish player Swatek. Zheng Qinwen received precious praise in the half of the half -end of gold. In the evening of the same day, Zheng Qinwen, who walked down the game, connected with reporters and shared his experience. As long as the last point is not played, I will always have the opportunity to do my best and be very satisfied.

When confronting the top player Swetk today, what I think is to be able to stand up to the pressure, try to play more than the opponent, and play more for a while. Zheng Qinwen told reporters that after watching a large number of events, it was understood that the inventory or even the game did not represent the end of the game. The incredible hitting was encouraged. Under the circumstances, I always thought that as long as the last point was played, I did not play it. I will always have a chance.

To meet the difficulties, Zheng Qinwen spent his action to the last point.

Before the fight, Swatek did not lose a game, maintaining 31 consecutive victories and 20 games in a row.

The first set of Zheng Qinwen broke this record, stubborn and tenacious.

At the beginning of the game, under the circumstances of 0: 3, Zheng Qinwen actively struggled, chased the score all the way to 5: 5, and entered the seven major battles.

After that, Zheng Qinwen chased 5 points and won seven, and finally won the first set with a score of 7: 6. In the last two sets, the situation on the court turned.

Saitk was ahead of 3: 0, while Zheng Qinwen was in physical discomfort, applied for medical suspension, his right leg was wrapped in a bandage, and the movement on the field was significantly affected.

Zheng Qinwen, who came to the decisive Pan, took the initiative to choose to remove the bandage on the leg and continue the game with a stance of breaking the boat.

In fact, in addition to her thigh injury, she also endured abdominal pain and could imagine her difficult situation. I cherish the opportunity to play against the world’s first competition and remind myself not to give up.

Without retirement, Zheng Qinwen fought to the last point.

It is because of this strength that Zheng Qinwen has repeatedly defeated strong enemies. Since this year, Zheng Qinwen only took 5 months to raise the world ranking from 143 to 74. In the first round of the French Open, she defeated Zhenovska, who ranked 62 in the world, defeated the world ranking in the second round. 19. The former Grand Slam champion Halep. special.

This time I can prove to everyone that I can, and it is a breakthrough for myself. Zheng Qinwen told reporters that I also look forward to seeing where my strength is.

Never slacking, spending almost all the energy on the court on the court’s second round of victory, Zheng Qinwen signed on the camera lens and wrote down in Chinese. The diligent teenager attracted the attention of many people.

Earlier, Zheng Qinwen emerged.

In September 2014, she won the 12 -year -old group of the National Youth Tennis Rankings and Doubles Championship; in 2015, the 14 -year -old group competition champion & hellip; & hellip; Tennis has strong confrontation, high physical fitness requirements, and strong tacticality. Behind the achievements is Zheng Qinwen’s self -discipline and hard work. He never slacks off, and spends almost all his energy on the court. Childhood was basically spent in the fall and injury during training, but Zheng Qinwen was always the first to go to the court and the last one to leave. I can get today’s results, inseparable from the hard work of my parents, they have educated me not to give up since I was a child, and sacrificed a lot for my tennis career.

Along the way, Zheng Qinwen thanked his parents very much.

Strive to the last moment, it is the teachings from his father. In a national competition, Zheng Qinwen was a little slack and lost a few goals. When the competition was suspended, the father was angry: if the level is not as good as the opponent, he still lost the game with all his strength, which is a hero; if the negative game is, it is irresponsible to tennis, the audience, and himself. In the end, Zheng Qinwen played his spirit and won victory. In recent years, I have trained abroad. My training has more time than others. I also like training very much, (it) let me learn a lot from coaches and opponents, and constantly adjust the play. Zheng Qinwen said.

Before the formal competition, Zheng Qinwen focused on the improvement of physical training and maintenance of competition. She told reporters that physical training is the basis of tennis. If the body’s function is weak, it is more likely to have injuries and affect the performance of the competition level. One week before the French Open started, I conducted a lot of physical endurance training, such as a large number of exercises on the court. When the game is approaching, I will also find the opponent to simulate the training competition and find the feeling of the game.

In the field of love, glowing and heating, the road to the road will go further and outside the field, and the self -confidence and calmness of the 19 -year -old teenager shows a maturity beyond age. When talking about the comparison of strength, Zheng Qinwen bluntly stated that the opponent’s play is indeed very aggressive, but I feel that the gap with her is not large. She believes that if the physical condition is normal, you can bite your teeth again, maybe he can take the game by herself. I know that there is no if the game is not available, and I can only look forward to fighting with the other party next time. , See if you can defeat the world’s first.

In an interview with the media, Zheng Qinwen fluent English was equally impressive. Facing the questions from foreign journalists, the sincere answer of the Chinese Xiaohua won the warm applause of the audience. Before leaving the field, Zheng Qinwen patiently signed one by one on the fans’ tennis, interacting with everyone friendly, and each move showed the confidence, sincerity and friendliness of the younger generation of Chinese.

It is a special glory for me to play the competition on behalf of its own country and show the style of Chinese young people on the world stage. I hope I can do better. Zheng Qinwen also hopes that tennis sports can become more popular in China. If because of my existence, it can promote the development of Chinese tennis, (that will) is a very honored thing.

I will do my best to show you more exciting games on the court. Zheng Qinwen on the court was full of vitality and domineering, and she was a little more quiet under the court.

Like many post -00s, she has a wide range of interests. She usually likes to read books, paint, and play guzhe. In addition to English, she also learns Spanish and French. Zheng Qinwen prefers to read psychological books. For athletes, it is impossible to win the championship every time, and more often learn how to accept failure. The feeling of failure is really painful. I have experienced many times. The books can give me comfort, let me stand up again to welcome myself.

Zheng Qinwen read many times many times.

This book taught me to be the real self as much as possible. Not everyone would like you. To make yourself happy in order to better accept this world and bring your greatest goodwill to others. Before the French Open started the war, Zheng Qinwen wrote such a sentence on his social media: in the future, it cannot be predicted, and the past cannot be changed. This is also what she wants to say to all young companions who dream of. I hope that every young man can glow and heat in the field of his love, and contribute to our motherland.

For a tennis player, keeping progress is the most critical place.

Zheng Qinwen understood tennis. She believes that French Open is just a starting point. On the way to dream, she will go further.