Jiangxi: "May 1st" orderly open texts to launch preferential packages

  China Net April 28th News On the 27th, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism held a media blowout meeting that the "May Day" holiday Jiangxi will openly open a cultural tour place to ensure tourists in the process of science and precision epidemic prevention and control. Travel in an orderly manner. The Jiangxi Provincial Department of Culture has recently issued the "Notice on Doing a good May 1st" and "Dragon Boat Festival" holiday tourism (hereinafter referred to as "Notice") to guide Jiangxi holiday tourism work and promote the tourism market to accelerate the recovery. The "Notice" requires that tourists with no local epidemic in Jiangxi Province have normalized prevention and control measures such as scanning and temperature measurement as required; Visitors) Tourists, on the basis of implementing prevention and control measures such as scanning, temperature measurement, and checking 48 hours of nucleic acids, implement the prevention and control measures of "landing inspections" and "three days and two inspections"; Back) Tourists in Gan implementation in accordance with the requirements of the local epidemic prevention and control requirements to implement the prevention and control measures of the epidemic.

  The Jiangxi Provincial Department of Cultural Travel encourages organizers in cities, counties (cities, districts) in the province, encourages the scenic spots and tourist companies to attract customers to visit customers. The issuance of cultural tourism consumer coupons, ticket reduction and exemptions, and launching discounts such as merchants will benefit the people. It is understood that the relevant prefectures and scenic spots in Jiangxi will issue various types of consumer coupons such as "Golden Week Consumer Voucher", "Ticket deduction coupon", "B & B deduction coupon", "food coupons" and "consumer gift packages", such as 10 million in Ganzhou City Yuanwen Travel Trade Consumption Touncing; related prefectures and scenic spots will launch discount packages such as "Team Tourist Half -price Package", "Tongyou Package Package", "One Ticket Playing Package", "Tour Tourism Card Discount Package" and other discount packages, such as Fouzhou Dajue Mountain Ticket + Tourist car + drifting 40 % off, Jiujiang Wuning 68 yuan to play 8 scenic spots, Yichun 400 yuan "May 1st Trade Tour" and so on. (Wu Ce Song Qing).