A man from Ruili wound off the card to enter Juanchuan’s administrative detention 5 days

(Anti-neozopenenepid pneumonia), a man entered Juanchuan from Ruili, I was discovered by the administrative detention. I learned from the Yunnan Province, the Luanchuan County Public Security Bureau learned that the people report a man in violation of the non-need to enter and out The announcement of Sichuan, from Ruili City to the custom-on-chip to enter Juanchuan County.

The police immediately found the man and transferred it to the isolation hotel. After the isolation, it will give it a punishment for administrative detention 5 days.

Luanchuan County is located in the southwest of China, adjacent to Myanmar, and the country is long.

On December 2, Zhangfeng, Quanchuan County, Zhang Feng, complete middle school, found 2 students with new crown pneumonia, and then confirmed as a case of new crown pneumonia.

After the epidemic, Luanchuan County conducted partitioning management in accordance with the principle of precision prevention and control, and all personnel did not enter the main urban area of ??Kuanchuan.

In addition, Ruili City is located in China and the border of China, and it is also the key area of ??Epidemic prevention and control in Yunnan Province.

On December 8, the Jinghan County Public Security Bureau Jinghan police station took a statement that there was a villager in Ruili Municipal workers returned home on the same day.

After receiving the police, the police quickly worked to protect the protection equipment immediately, and found Tao Mou. According to the survey, 8 o’clock on the 8th, Tao Mouou took 5 hours from Ruili Lanshan Road, and his nephew Su Mou moved to the home of Jinghan Town, but in return. The masses were discovered and reported on the way. Tao Moumou was clearly knowing that the epidemic is not necessary to enter and out of Juanchuan, deliberately bypass the epidemic prevention and control card points along the way, avoid the investigation, and insisted from Ruili to Yanchuan, its behavior violates the epidemic prevention and control of Xinzhang Pneumonia "Notice on Adjustment of Adjustment of Entering and Exporting and Out and Exporting" in the Work Command.

The police will concentrate on Tao Moumou and the secrets of the secrets of Su Moumou to the isolation hotel. After the isolation is expired, the public security organ will make a penalty for administrative detention on Tao in accordance with the law.

"Chen Jingshi Chu Chu).