Ge Weidong, Mr Chen and other capital heavyweights appeared Niugu shareholder list of well-known investment institutions North Exchange layout perspective

  First North Exchange listed companies rose significantly this year (including the original selection layer during the listing). Many of them three times, five times the big bull stock! Behind the emergence of a large number of capital Gangster figure.

Now, let us decrypt the investment community bigwigs of the North Exchange investment territory. Private Securities Department Jun combing found that the number of private companies already listed on the North pay "ambush." Many private circle chiefs appear in the list of shareholders of listed companies in the first batch.

  "Private Gangster" Ge Weidong Opening BTR million shares in the third quarter of this year. By the end of the third quarter, Ge Weidong bit Liebeiterui fifth-largest shareholder, the number of holdings of shares, its stake up to%. BTR is called North Exchange "market Big Brother", this year, the stock rose 353%. BTR lithium ion battery positive electrode material and negative electrode material as the core product is a new energy development and materials manufacturers.

  Chen Shu end of the second quarter of 2015, 80 million shares held by the constant co-shares, becoming the third largest shareholder; 2016 annual report, Mr Chen Opening to the shares, and kept up to date, is the third largest shareholder. Constant co-shares this year, an increase of%, the main petroleum and petrochemical enterprises to provide oil and gas recovery equipment, level measuring equipment, oil and gas recovery monitoring systems and other products online.

  Jianbang Technology 2021 Third Quarterly Bulletin revealed Ning Quan Zhi Yuan, 55 private equity investment funds held Jianbang Technology shares, becoming the eighth largest shareholders of tradable shares. Jianbang Technology shares rose 52 percent this year; the development, design and sales of non-consumable parts of the market after the main vehicle.