Chongqing motorcycle and parts exports in nearly 200 countries and regions

  Nearly 200 countries and regions exported from July to July, the Chongqing motorcycle and parts will be exported from July to July. It is learned that in recent years, the Chongqing motorcycle industry has expressly performs in the international market. As of now, Chongqing motorcycle vehicle and parts exports to nearly 200 countries and regions around the world. Data show that in 2020, Chongqing exported by Motorcycle, export value billion, total exports account for one-third of the total export of motorcycles (100 million US dollars).

From January to July this year, Chongqing exported to a motorcycle, and the export value of 100 million yuan was increased by 100 million yuan.

Chongqing has become one of the most important motorcycle production and export land in the country. The achievement of this achievement is first benefited from Chongqing to grab policy opportunities. At the end of May this year, the 6 districts and counties in Chongqing were awarded the national foreign trade transformation and upgrading base. At this point, Chongqing has 13 national foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases. Among them, Jiulongpo and Banan are the two motorcycles and parts of the national foreign trade transformation and upgrade base. Xixin, deputy director of the Municipal Commerce, said that through national key support and cluster development, the advantages of the development of the Chongqing motorcycle industry have continuously reflected, gathered in Longxin, Zongshen, Space Bashan, the construction of Yamaha, Xinyuan and other motorcycle enterprises Home, industry exteriority and international competitiveness continue to improve. Chongqing motorcycle exports increased, but also benefited from its own brand influence.

It is understood that in order to strengthen the Chongqing motorcycle brand, Chongqing has implemented a series of initiatives.

For example, strengthen independent intellectual property international filing, trademark overseas registration and international standard certification; encourage Lifan, Longxin, Zongshu, etc. Overseas marketing service system in "layout overseas, internal and external Unicom".

  At the same time, Chongqing actively promotes, increases the development of Chongqing motorcycle brand products to independent research and development, core technology, improves the list of products and brands; also supports enterprise online online, such as the way to fuse over line online Support enterprise utilization line exhibition, e-commerce platform, etc. to carry out online promotion, online negotiation and online signing. Xu Xincheng said, next, Chongqing will implement the quality brand improvement of export commodity varieties, support the combination of electromechanical products enterprises such as motorcycle, cross-border e-commerce, group "walk out", etc., "all the way all the way" Overseas countries and regions established overseas warehouses, after-sales service outlets, improve the international marketing network system, establish Chongqing high-quality products overseas public display trading platform, online underline development of the international market, expand the influence of Chongqing motorcycle brand, and help enterprises to stabilize the international market share , Enhance the new advantages of international competition. (Reporter Yang Jun Bai Lin).