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  Original title: [Implement Xi Jinping’s Rule of Law Thought forging New Times Political Army] The province’s warning education has a multi-effect, "three revolutionary learning", domestic tutor theme education, organization, listening to the job criminal examination, visiting and honest education Base, watch the warning of educational Chinese law team education rectification In the learning education link, the various departments across the province earnestly grasp the requirements of warning education, and do a good job in studying the party regulations and laws and regulations in unity, the main leaders of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, and convene a warning education conference and other "regulations". At the same time, in conjunction with practical, innovative way, form varietyively organize warning education activities, and have achieved good shock effects and educational effects. Organize "three revisions". In order to further exert a warning of warning education, we lay a solid thinking foundation for the development of the changing process, and the provincial education and rectification leading group insisted on the case, campaign, and the case, the deployment of the province Temperature Learning Building, Yangsheng’s speech at the seven plenary plenary session of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, revisiting the 2018 province’s political and legal authorities to conduct a concentrated special activity analysis report, revisit, "6 · 03" and "5 · 17 "Investigation of cases and their lessons and their lesson warnings" and related warning educational film "three revolutionary learning" activities, education guides the police to keep a clear understanding, always do awe, save the fear, keep the bottom line, truly build Refocation of corruption, never touch the thoughts.

  Carry out home Fengjia education theme education. The Yuncheng Public Security Bureau held a lecture on the excellent traditional cultural education of the "家 家训", specialized in invited the seventy-eight-year descendants of the River East, and the people of all the party members of the party, "I have a traditional culture of" ICAC’s integrity and cultural construction ". course. The Jinzhong Public Security Bureau organized the police to enter the Jinzhong Family Training Hall to carry out the "Yan Jiajiao, Zhengfeng, with Deqi" educational activities, and sign the family to help the commitment. The Qixian County Court launched a family session, a clean government family visit, actively striving for the understanding and support of the family’s education to rectify the work, and guided the family members of the police to do "honest and honest". Organize the criminal review of the position of the position.

Datong City, Zhangzhou City, Jinzhong City, Yangquan City, Jincheng City organizes political and legal unit police, through the on-site listening to the criminal review process and watch video, etc. People, around, let political and legal police "zero distance" accepted the rule of law education, feel legal authority and fair, play the effect of "trial, educated". Organize to visit and clean government education bases.

The Jincang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, opened up the issue of political and legima warning education, multi-faceted political and legal models, and the city of political and legal systems in recent years, with the promotion of the prison, serving the prisoners by the political law system Experience the saying, warning others. Up to now, 3,000 people have access to education and write a experience.

Taiyuan Academy organizes police officers to the provincial high-level clean government education base to receive warning education. The Datong Municipal Public Security Bureau organized more than 50 newly-employed police representatives to visit the city’s integrity education demonstration base.

Xiaoxuan District People’s Procuratorate organized all police officers to visit the national anti-black special struggle online exhibition hall, combined with the political and legal police violations of law and disciplines, "umbrella breaking network", key choices, "umbrella" Broken network "special study, so that the majority of prosecutors are deeply educated.

  Organize watch a warning educational film. Cangzhou City, Jinzhong City organized to watch the "case-based" principle, the alarm "" alert "," alert "," Wake up ", political education warning film.

Yuncheng organizes the municipal law to watch the "Dou Yu" of the Pu Opera. Through the intuitive artistic characteristics of the drama image, revealing the huge injuries of judicial corruption to the people. Today, education warning political and legal police officers must fair judicial, integrity From the police.

潞城 监 集 集 观 "" 5 · 17 "case special warning education film"

  By carrying out a variety of warning education activities, the provinces and counties’ two political and legal police officers have further strengthened ideal beliefs and enhanced disciplinary awareness and rule awareness. Everyone has said that we must firmly establish the party’s awareness, strengthen self-supervision, from strict self-discipline, further strengthen learning, constantly strengthen party spirit, always maintain the "corrosion" "hunting" alert, to the three, anti-Weimen gradually, build secrets Change line. (Reporter Chen Junqi).