Qiongyzhong is experiencing the "People’s Voice + Government" experience the "big medical examination"

Experience the officials to experience the "Government Service Convenient Stations" in Qiongzhong County Government Service Hall.

Qiong Zhonghe Media Center for Figure 8, Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County ushered in the first "People’s Voice + Government Service" service experience, the experience of the officials on the 12345 hotline, government service work in the user’s perspective ", Carry out" good review "for service quality. It is understood that Qiongyzhong is based on "satisfaction, business satisfaction", issued "Qiongzhong County Government Service", "Qiongzhong County Government Service", and invited experts from all walks of life in early April 2021. Scholars, media reporters, entrepreneurs, industry associations, professionals, community resident representatives, etc.

The experience officer mainly experiences from two aspects: First, with the "User Perspective", the whole process, all-round, full-time "zero distance" experience, all-round, all-time, and self-service, etc. Means, discover details, leakage of the link, and then accurately find problems, symptomatic drugs, and propose targeted improvement recommendations. The second is based on the operation of the 12345 government integrated service hotline Qiongar and the operation of the approval service, requiring the labor single prudentity, satisfaction, and the ranking of the government service. One of the units of the branch office is a person who is subject to the body. Improve the responsible unit to improve work style and improve service performance.

The problem discovered by the discipline was followed by the county party committee and county government inspection room to supervise the problem solving, forming evaluation, feedback, rectification, supervision of the whole process "Good Review" mechanism, building county government service self-examination and self-correction management closed loop. Experience the official participation, in fact, please ask them to "find 茬", on behalf of the masses to exercise supervision power, score for the 12345 hotline and government service in Joan, continue to promote the improvement of service performance; It is to let them feel the needs of enterprises and the masses on the quality of government services, and the quality of the units of all the counties is optimized in continuous improvement.

It is reported that Qiongyzhong will organize a monthly "People’s Voice + Government" experience experience, whether it is the "common passenger" in the government service hall, or support the development of government service business, and is willing to make a society, all of the public, all Can sign up for the experience supervision.

This is the reform of the blade, and through the "large medical examination" activity will effectively promote the transformation of the organs, let the "mass evaluation" "social supervision" into the institutionalization, normalization orbit, will have a powerful government service level enhancement.

(Qiong Zhongjong Media Center) (Editor: Liu Yang, Jiang Chengliu).