Postal Savings Bank Ningxia Branch: Promoting Digital Puhui Financial Comprehensive Helping Country Revitalization

"Industry development, inseparable funds.

"The process of taking investment planting, Wang Haijiang, Wujiahu Village, Haojiaqiao Town, Lingwu City, Ningxia, said that the story is incomplete.

Wang Haijiang was originally engaged in agricultural resources sales. Later, Wang Haijiang has flowed 5,100 mu, purchased a large number of large machinery, driving more than 220 farmers to develop planting. However, in 2017, Wang Haijiang, in the early start of entrepreneurship, caused a large amount of funding, resulting in difficulties in purchasing agricultural resources.

"Where is the money come?" Wang Haijiang also thought of looking for relatives and friends, but this is not a long-lasting policy. "Some people propose to make me a loan to the bank.

But the loan is good, I have no bottom. "Wang Haijiang said, he took the mentality of trials, went into the Postal Savings Bank Ningxia Branch Lingwu Branch to handle 300,000 yuan loan." There are two unreasonable: First, I didn’t expect the loan to pass smoothly, I didn’t expect it. So fast.

"Because Wang Haijiang’s personal credit is good, the Postal Savings Bank Ningxia Branch will increase Wang Haijiang’s loan amount from 3 million yuan.

Wang Haijiang said that now runs loans, don’t go to the bank, "Bank people have taken equipment home." According to the relevant person in charge of the Ningxia Branch of the Postal Savings Bank, in order to better solve the "financing difficulties" "financing of farmers" "Question, the Postal Savings Bank Ningxia Branch continues to promote rural digital Puhui Financial Services in accordance with the idea of" credit "" data multi-running legs, customers and less running roads ". It is understood that the Postal Savings Bank Ningxia Branch relies on the "two committees", carrying out the "credit village" "letter users" assessment, promoting the construction of "credit village", so that the concept of "credit is wealth" is deeply rooted.

At present, 700 "credit villages" have been cumulated, "Letter users" is about 10,000, Wang Haijiang is one of them.

At the same time, the Postal Savings Bank Ningxia Branch promotes digital operation mode, and now you can achieve loan acceptance, sign, and loan in the field. (Editor: Mu Guo Tiger, Tao Tolerance) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.