Online shop taking the supply of poverty-stricken areas and the market to the Internet

Xiaoliangjuan, a shop manager, a shop, a shop, a shop, Shiyang Town, Huiyang Town, Gansu, Gansu, is acquiring the mountainous vegetables that returns to poor Zhou Jinchuan couples. Li Xuchun photo (People’s pictures) in the depths of the Taihang Mountain, Pingping County, Hebei Province, Pingshi, the water source, high quality, fresh air, planting a green health special product such as walnuts.

In the past, the traffic is inconvenient, the information is blocked, and the agricultural products in the village are sold nearby, and they can not sell a good price.

This year, through the Internet, the walnuts in the village finally got out of the mountains and sold well on the e-commerce platform.

This makes the villagers in Pingshitou like the eyebrows. In China, there are still many such villages.

To achieve all the goals of all the rural poor people in the current standard of 2020, this year is the key to attacking hard, and the hard bones in the deep poor area, "Internet + poverty alleviation" can be.

Through the Internet Billy Root "In the early years, in order to maintain the livelihood, walnuts should pick it to the town of Shangbaii, and sell it at all. Now Jingdong and Qianqian will go all the acquisition, the price is high. More, we are really worrying! "Uncle Pingshi Village said. It turned out that Jingdong Joint just waiting for cooperative enterprises to visit the flat stone village, conduct product inspections, according to the characteristics of walnut varieties, formulate acquisition and support cooperation programs, and finally collect the walnuts of local farmers in the price higher than the price of the market price. Help villagers sell walnuts to the outside of the mountain. Through a piece of block screen, a home online store, the Internet takes a bond between the poor area and the consumer market. At the end of August 2018, it was a ranking of the potato harvest season in Silvegua Village, Weining Autonomous County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province.

This live spike of more than 2 hours, attracted more than 200 million people from all over the country, a total of more than 13 tons of potatoes sold for farmers, with more than 100,000 yuan. "I used to sell 10 days of potatoes, now I have finished 2 days, and the price is much better than usual." A villager in Yueguang Village said. More than 30 poverty reduction agricultural products in the e-commerce platform are also available in the e-commerce platform.

When traditional cattle cultural lives encounter modern network live broadcast, the Internet truly imparts the "green channel" for agricultural products, so that agricultural products are on the Internet to sell, and enter the city. In recent years, e-commerce poverty alleviation has been in full swing. Whether it is open online shop or live broadcast, the past "hidden in the deep mountain unknowns" specialty agricultural products enter consumers’ eyes, rich and varied market information "no delay" Dragonfly, The modern technology that has also helped agricultural production transformation and upgrading, many poor villages have taken the poor, and they have developed sustainable industries and unplug the roots.

The new movement of the Internet poverty alleviation is not only reflected in the field of e-commerce, promoting consumption.

The causes of various people have poor, and the way "Internet + poverty alleviation" is also diverse. In Yunnan Zhaotong, the villagers in the old Baozhai Village are often unfortunately unfortunately sick. The claims from the "top-beam column health poverty alleviation public welfare insurance project" to solve the urgentity, and let her families will re-survive.

This "Internet + Public Welfare + Insurance" improves the cost of claims, reducing the cost of poverty alleviation work, forming a set of "Internet + health poverty alleviation" models that can be promoted and effective. After the poverty, the Xiongan New Area has been adjusted by the poor, and the new model is explored – the "Internet + Social Poverty Alleviation" model.

Promote the innovation of "Internet + Social Poverty Alleviation", use the Internet to raise resources, public participation, interoperability, using social organizations to contact extensive, inclusive, resource agglomeration, and play the role of enterprise platforms, strengthen clusters, and complement each other. Through the internet, social organization, enterprise platform and local poverty alleviation department, in-depth integration, focus on enhanced poverty alleviation and innovation, and promote the life of Zhizhi, promote the depletion of poverty, accurately, and intelligent development . In addition, "Internet + Financial Poverty Alleviation" "Internet + Education Poverty Alleviation", "Internet + Tourism Poverty Alleviation", which also helps many poverty-stricken areas and population development. China has been recognized by the international community in the field of "Internet + Poverty Alleviation".

Kenya Information Communications and Technical Minister Joe Mutuu said that he is very concerned about China’s economic help through the Internet, which is worth learning in African countries. Poverty Alleviation, the filling of the expressway, according to the Poverty Alleviation of the Poverty Alleviation Office, China Rural Poverty Reduction from 98.99 million at the end of 2012 to 1.66.6 million at the end of 2018, accumulating the poverty population, 82.39 million poverty, poverty incidence, from% to% . Currently, it has entered the "second half", "Internet + poverty alleviation" will play increasingly important roles. Recently, this year’s central No. 1 document officially released, which clearly put forward the implementation of digital rural strategies, requiring "continuing to carry out e-commerce into rural comprehensive demonstration, implementing the ‘Internet +’ agricultural products from entering the city." E-commerce companies also act, industry insiders said that the top priority of e-commerce poverty alleviation is to help poverty-stricken areas forming influential product brands.

Many local governments have also actively cooperate with Internet companies to introduce new strengths that get rid of poverty alleviation. Experts pointed out that exciting Internet release more poverty alleviation, need to further establish and improve multi-party participation in network poverty alleviation work mechanisms, give full play to the role of technologies, funds, organizations, etc. in terms of government, enterprises and some social institutions; In addition, further excavation of the advantages of Internet technology, play the optimization and integration of the Internet in the configuration of production factors, so that the poverty alleviation work is better, more comfortable, but also makes the poor people share more.