School Youth League held 2021 Annual College Student Association Work Report and School Student Association

In order to further deepen the reform of the student, strengthen the guidance of the school group committee to the work of the student, guide the students to better play the functions, serving young students to grow up, according to the requirements of the student convention, November 11th, secondary school student meeting work report and school student meeting Communication will be held in Xihu Campus, 1 Teaching 101, and Secretary of the School of Education, Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Pang Haifeng and the School of Student Association, members of the Secondary School Student Association, participated in the exchange meeting. First of all, according to the president of the secondary school student, president of the school student will conduct a work report on the practice of students’ cadres in the school, the practice of party history, "I have practiced" for classmates, and the recommendations of the School Student Association. All colleges have earnestly summed up, and there is a shortcomings in front of them. The school student meeting and the second-level college student will learn from each other and have clearly determined the direction and goals of efforts.

After listening to the student’s work report, Lu 1st, fully affirmed the second-level college student meeting a year’s work performance and payment, and objectively analyzed the problems, and made the direction of effort. Lu Grandly emphasizes that we must effectively strengthen organizational construction, ideological construction and style of work; strengthen the dedication, closely around the Communist Youth League, "Go Four Dimension, Strong Strong", strengthen the construction of students’ cadres, and work attitude, solid innovation and promote the student meeting Reform work.

The Student Work Report of this quarter and the school class two students will communicate will be an important measure in our school to implement the reform requirements of the Communist Youth League. Promote the further understanding of the school’s two student cadres, provide a platform for exchange learning, establish a good communication mechanism, everyone It is said that under the leadership of the school party committee, under the specific guidance of the Youth League Committee, pioneering and innovating, courageous, remembering the mission, truly playing the role of strong beam linkage and model lead, and is the episode of the young students.