in addition,Square workers in the textile factory,The house has been distributed to the employee before,Property has already made,Textile factory must be relocated,They not only unemployed,The house has to follow the demolition。

Work city can help solve,But the demolition and resettlement is responsible for the developer。”
I knew it,There is no flea of the feast on the sky.,It’s really such a good project.,While getting me……Wang traffic is dark,Frown:“Means of,Demolition is two main body,One is a textile factory,The other is the employee in the factory?”
Cao Guohua nodded:“you can say so。”
“Demolition and resettlement of employees,Specifically, a resettlement method?”King asked。
Cao Guohua Ping Road:“Two choices,Either a house,Either give money,The city is preliminary,Cost probably1000Ten thousand。”
No wonder the price is so cheap,It turned out that he was in the demolition fee.……
“What is the volume ratio??”
“In principle, it does not exceed18,You can also quantify。”
18,Means of,The development value is turned over18Multiplication,That is not bad.……Wang Liu is a little peaceful。
Nima,Haven’t finished,Still?
Wang traffic heartbeat,Cao Guohua has not opened yet,He suddenly has a bad feeling.。
“Textile factory is in the suburbs,Location is a bit off,Surrounding facilities,If the project is received,Also supported to build a primary school,A kindergarten,After completing, transfer to the city without compensation,Other paid supporting,Planning by the developer。”
really,Still in the suburbs,Is that a bit??That is too big.。
I have to make a match,Another cost,This is still a fart。
Wang Li suddenly became cold and half,A little black,Surprise to disappointment,It’s too big to fall.。
Wang Zhixin and Yang Kai are also depressed,I thought it was a good project.,I didn’t expect it to be a mess。
Cao Guohua swept a three-person expression,I have already done in my heart.,Not much,Faint:“I went to the toilet,You eat first。”
Say the body。
Wang traffic is,This is in the place,Let them discuss。
Chapter 49 Don’t make money, you have to do it.(Recommend)
“Cream,Can you take a hand?。”Cao Guohua just walked,Wang Zhixin can’t wait to open.:
“Land price plus demolition fee,Take the cost3200Ten thousand,Plus design、Jiaon、Taxation、Operate,A mess is plus a piece of money,I can’t stop again.,Such a high cost,Don’t http://www.gyhuijing.cnsay to make money,If you can’t pay, even if you can’t pay。”
Have a project,I have been exhausted for so long.,Real estate operations Wang Zhixin is basically clear。
Yang Kai also followed:“Yes, Wang Ge,Cost is high,Key or in the suburbs,Attached,The house is covered,Not too good to sell.,Too big risk,We’d better change a project.。”
Wang traffic is not talking,Project is not good、the cost is too high、Risk is too big, he certainly knows。
Calculate with a simple and rude estimation formula,At least the price is at least the price25By can recover costs。
What is floor price??
Is the land price of the unit building area,which is:Take the price÷Maximum building area。
Now that the price is now3200Ten thousand,The total building area is:38Wanping’s zone areax18Volume rate=684Wanping。
So this floor price is: 3200÷684=468。