“How is your body?,You should be more clear than me.。If there is no accident,This year, I will marry the queen of the niece Li Tan.,You said that there is something in everything.,How should I be ourselves??

My lady who didn’t pass the door,The appearance is very good.。”
Gao Bao said in a secluded。
“You think more than before.。”The ancestors said:“This is also the reason I refuse to come home.。what do you say that is,It is like you said.,People in the rivers and lakes,Be invited。”
“This truth。”
Its daybreak,Woman who has been discovered by a single night,I still fall asleep in bed。I have never seen a woman’s http://www.jixianbuxiugang.cnfirst brother in more than 20 years.,By outbreak,That one in bed“Old rivers and lakes”Place the helmet,Perfect interpretation of what is called“Chaotic punch”。
“You seem to be unhappy?”
Gao Biyi saw Soli Luo frown frown,Asked。
“no,I just think,Um,It should be said that it is particularly comfortable.,interesting,It’s too happy.。Should it be like this??”Soli Luo face is full。
“Don’t care about those details,Just remember,In the future,You have to think about it.。Casual waves,Looking for a woman as a lady,I have to be your own business.。”
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Gao Bao walks into the room,That beauty has not yet,White lack of skin is criminalized in the outer surface of the blanket。
But these are can’t attract Gao Baoyi.,He pulled out the white cloud http://www.yingzrd.cn sword,Clean and neat cut the other party’s slender neck,Leave a touch of blood。
This sword is so fast,This woman actually came, I didn’t want to be angry.。
“I promise you to send you to the South City Palace,I won’t fall。But I didn’t promise you to send a living.,Is not it?Your woman is very dangerous,So I have to let the danger have been killed in the germination,Who let me be a man??
My lady is also a person of Li Jia.,So you will definitely understand my right.?”There is no smile on Gao Biyi’s face.,There is no more apology。Because he remembers who this woman is.。
He remembers the protagonist inside a lot of historical events.,Selling Li Zuyu and Yang Wei they turn away from the high-defense plan,Is this woman in front of me!It is she to the Zhao Jun.,Finally, let the high appearance!
This person has now appeared in the horizons of the ocean,Superiority,This woman will soon be one of the bedcomers.,She is also the same as the queen,Obviously, it will be mixed like a fish.。
Kill her,Lifting a big hidden danger,Why not?
Gao Boyi does not have a half psychological pressure,Because he is not alone now.。
“You actually got her.?How do you explain??”
I know after an accident.,Ancestor!And Soli Loing to Gao Baoyi’s eyes,Also become alert。
this person,It is better than him.,And fruit。
“Not explained,I am going to enter the palace now.。”Gao Boyi is crying。
“Why do you want to kill her??She didn’t do something wrong.?”Solitary rill。
“Wolf eats sheep,Is the wolf did wrong??”Gao Baoyi asked。
“The rules of this world are so cruel,Can protect yourself is difficult,How can you enjoy too much??”
http://www.planetflower.cn At this time,Four eyes and others have come over,I saw a dead woman in bed.,I don’t understand Gao Bo Yi.。
“Look at what I do,Make a board,Pull the dead people to enter the palace!”
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