Being next to Fu Gong,From time to time, use the sleeves to wipe the sweat,Work hard to narrow your existence,I am afraid that the fire has burned him a little.‘Pool fish’On。

The guts of Yunqin in the heart,Re-have an estimate。
These five princess are not called,Mon people!Usually with a boring,Never sound,This sound,I dare to swear with the emperor.!
“Father,You all know yourself,Marriage with Minhoufu,No matter how it is impossible to fall to me.,Then why fell to my body?If the second emperor is really just a distressed, my marriage is not worried.,The emperor is so many officials,Why is it biased??”
“Even the second emperor said that it is to pull the forces of Min Houfu,But I have a princess who has no sense of existence.,Don’t say that it is difficult to get the recognition of Min Houfu,Just say to Wen Min yourself。Do you know if he has a heart??”
One another problem is to the old emperor,The old emperor is speechless,I believe in Fu Yunyi in my heart.,Can Yunqin’s questioning,Tap his trust at a little bit,Let him feel that he caught in the mystery。
His humble courtesy,Really like the surface,Uncharged,Is your kindness??
“What is people in my heart?,Welcome you after entering the door,He naturally can pick up his own heart.。Men’s three wives, four sorrows are common sense,There is a royal family as a mountain,Even if you are not in your body,Will you treat you,A long time,Maybe you can get your good,The heart is placed on you.!”
Old emperor tone slightly,Still can’t help but advise Yunqin,I don’t know if I trust Fu Yunyi.,Still can’t believe that you are really blunder,Self-deception。
Yun Qin satirical smile,“The father of the father knows who is in the heart of Wenmin,Who is the second emperor’s heart??”
The old emperor’s heart is slightly,He never learned that Fu Yunyi actually had people.?!
Fu Yunyi is already two years ago,Just line the ceremony,These two years,He asked Fu Yunyi in his mutant,Is there anyone,He can give him a marriage,But what he replied??Not!It is the child only wish Xia Yanyu asked the world.,Ankang,No heart。
Now,Fu Yunqin actually said that he has a heart.?His emperor is not done too failure,Even Fu Yunqin’s princess knows,The king of him in one of him did not know?!
“I don’t know that my father is not known.,Otherwise, you will not give you sensitive marriage.,No troubles in this stiff situation。”
Old emperor“”
“who is it?”The old emperor is silent for a long time,So asked。
“To Seminya,Before you give a marriage,Talking about marriage,Just did not have to have a woman who 下 刘 尚 书,Liu Xinyi。”
“Why did the second emperor choose my uncomfortable emperor?,And to warmth,What is intended?,The father should now guess it.?!”
The old emperor is still silent。Yunqin said this,What else does not understand?。Because to Wen Min, he will be friends with his heart.,So he shot。Choose Fu Yunqin,Isn’t Fu Yunqin looks very good to control??!
pity,Fu Yunyi is about to forget‘The rabbit is anxious and will bite people.’。
“Liu Xinyi, a few?”The old emperor can’t help but confirm。
Yun Qin‘Ah’A sound,Be getoffed in my heart,The old emperor asked,Obviously, I will start to believe her.。
“It is also,Liu Shangshu’s daughter,Also last year and 笄,Oh,correct,Just within half a month after the child。”
Saying that it is coincidence,How can the old emperor know that Yunqin is reminding him?,Fu Yunyi, he is deliberate to give him a wedding wedding.。Know Liu Xinyi and,Worried that Liu Jiahe Hou Houfei will set your pro.,So I am anxious,Be out。Also specially selected a good‘Control’Royal girl。
He never knew that this one-way person is not interested in men and women.,It’s still a feeling,Feeling such a big strength,Just to seek a Liu Xinyi?!
“Even so。Even if you play a trick on this,That can only explain his love to Liu Xinyi.。How can I get a state??”
“Even if you don’t want to marry to Wenmin,You are straightforward。Your woman,How can I speak at the national banner?。If everyone follows your method,There is still a rule of this summer.?!”The old emperor took up pensive,Shun Yunqin。
This daughter unveiled his emperor.,Used by his own son‘ugly’veil,How can he like it?。Not good teaching lesson,I am afraid that I can be more bold in the future.
Yunqin does not panic,“Said is a state affairs,The child will naturally not get free to joify。”
“Father’s emperor,If the second emperor married Liu Xinyi,Situation in the chart,What is changed??”
The old emperor screwed his eyebrow。Yunqin is not concerned,I took my own words.,“Nature is a unique。”
The old emperor is angry and picking up a copy,Yunqin。
“presumptuous!I’m not dead.!”