Tapid girl will http://www.yxwed.cn insert your hands into the outer plug,Take a brisk foot walk to the left of the dormitory building,It seems to explain that her mood is good.,The head of the head is shaking as the pace of pace.。

A black and white kitten is naturally followed by her,Happy small steps。
Girl stopped,Probe。
The kitten also stopped behind her.,Sit down in place。
“Group of people!”
The kitten did not hear it at all。
Teenage girls and booth aunt said two sentences,Acknowledge。
Kitten also started up,Followed by。
Inner sadness is difficult to speak。
At this moment,His phone rang,Is a string of strange numbers。
“Is it Zhou Sir??”
“it’s me。”
“I am a Tianshi called me.。”
Zhouzhi stands on the phone,I will pay attention to the group and Nan Ge on one side.。
At this time, Nan Ge has discovered his tail.,She hosted a group,What to say,The group turned from the female gods of the dairy cat into her common form.,Then Nan Ge held her and continued to walk.,Soon disappeared in his sight。
hang up the phone。
Leaves turn around,Go out,At the same time:“fair enough,Just I have something to go out.,It was originally sent to the group of people in Nange.。”
I have suffered a lot in my heart.。
A stone pillar appeared next to the door of the dormitory area,Ignore him,Ask:“Where have you been??”
Zhouzhi did not answer。
Old monster is not concerned,After all, there are more people.,Zhou is indeed not convenient to look up at the top of a few meters high to answer her.,She only chases with the vicinity,Follow him、Turn around,Treat him out of the gate,A fluffy appeared on the top of the road lights in front,Continue to sway your song,Touch your head left to see the right。
Until, the more it goes,Close http://www.aukma.cn to the wall,The voyele of Zhou said to her.:“The person of the Tianshi is called me.。”
“So we have to formally join the Tianshi.?”槐 followed behind him。
“more or less。”In fact, strictly said that Zhou Zhiwei joined Tianshi,But there is no correcting her.,“It’s still half a regular army.。”
“It’s more difficult to earn money.”槐 is very sad。
“fine。”Zhou said,“I don’t know if you have started double eleven yesterday.?”
“Today is not only2Is it??”
“This year1Start,You missed it。”
“Oh!”Bring the unique crisp with the juvenile sound,Therefore, it is very cute,“I am looking forward to the double eleven for a long time.!I don’t know how to go to the home with you.!”
“Yes, but continue this year.3No。”
“real or fake?”
“Do you say??of course”
“You say!”
“That’s good!”