Especially this kid called Xia Bingyu,Let the summer like。

This is a very new feeling。
Just a period of time,But I can feel that she grows up again.。
One day, one day。
When I saw it last time,The child is embarrassed, and the summer father is.。
This time I saw it.,Many mouthfuls。
When she hugged her back and forth behind the ground,The child seems to have recognized the summer.,In the mouth, I took the initiative.,It looks too happy。
“Ha ha,Xiao Ice is coming, I am coming.,Old leaves,see it。”
Summer face is also filled with joyful smiles,Looking down on the small people in the arms,“Small ice,Quickly call my father。”
“Large,Large……Bigger……father……Aforehen……”Small ice and snow, a pair of black and white clear eyes looked at the summer,The little mouth is born, spit out a few vague words。
Isn’t the Dad??”
嗤 嗤。
The leaves of the side are softly can’t help but laugh.。
She looked at the summer.,Eye wavefront,“I taught her.,I think it is more friendly.。”
Summer is unclear,“Old leaves,Have you found it?,She seems to remember me.。”
Ye light soft and low eyebrows,“Maybe she has good memory.,Don’t read children,She is very smart。”
“I certainly won’t look small.,It is a feeling of novelty.,I speculated in the past few times.,Say the child is around one year old,Language ability and understanding skills have developed rapidly,Will talk very common,But her memory is so good.,It’s really rare.。”
Leaves and laughs,I have a little bit,“Her memory is indeed very good。”
She certainly will not tell the summer,I usually take out the summer photos to teach children.。
Now now,There are several surveillance in this room.,This is a gentle installation of the leaves.。
Every summer is here,Will be recorded。
Ye is gentle, often holding a child.,Make alsoPPT,Let your child deepen the memory of summer。
Looking at the summer joy,Leaf gentle mood has also become a bit bright。
She is not the kind of personality,Just after the guardian of small ice and snow,More than a small change。
“Summer,I heard……Liu Qingqing also has a pregnancy,Is it a boy or a girl。”
Hesitation,She finally can’t help but ask。
Summer stunned,Laugh,“Just is still less than one month,How can boy or girl?,And the boy girl is the same,I have no thought of male and female.。”
“I didn’t say you heavy men.。”
Ye is gentle and gentle,This guy will not chat,I will talk about a word.。
Summer dry cough,Continue to tease small ice。
Until the evening,He left this place。
After the downstairs,The middle-aged woman is still lazy to sit in the courtyard.,As if an old servant is sunking the sun。
Ji Bao bottle and ear of ear have already left in advance.。
Summit and greeted,Also ready to leave。
But a sentence of crime,Let him slightly。
“You know the gentle family.。”