“She except a resignation,I also sent a letter to my mailbox.,Said to go outside and take a look,Dissimilar。”

Toned,Liu Qingqing asked,“Since you have seen her……”“She learned to go.。”
Summer road。
Liu Qingqing a pair of eyes slightly expanded。
Then,Be silent。
She is a smart person,Almost once, I thought of many。
http://www.onlinelawhelp.cn something,Everyone knows that。
Some behavior,Everyone exists by default……but,Some words,Is certainly can’t say。
What is Qinling School?。
Nature is for summer。
Why did she leave?……Also for summer。
Liu Qingqing understands。
summer,It is the two middle of them.。
For Qinling,The hearts of Liu Qingqing have always been guilty.。
After all, there is a husband and wife in Qinling in summer.,After that, with her contract with her contract。
Then two women like to go to the summer.。
for a long time。
Liu Qingqing,“Sometimes I am very envious of Qinling,I also admire her,Untore,I feel that she has owed her.,summer,sorry……”Summer came,Gently embracing with her,“do not think other,Did you forget?,We have a marriage certificate sixteen years old.。”
……at the same time。
http://www.szht92.cn A villa’s courtyard。
Gano looked opposite Liuhe Mountain,Frown,“Not find someone?”
Liuhe Mountain is careful,“Yes,That person named Thunder,Fully lost traces,However, 宸 is still working properly。”
Toned,Hurry,“grown ups,In fact, this is normal,Summer IQ,I will definitely think of this.,So let the Thunder hide in advance.。”
戈 dry eye flashes a sliver,“Hide?
Can he hide??”
Seeing him like this,Liuhe Mountain eyes flashed a place,“Naturally can’t hide for a lifetime,I will send people to monitor,As long as there is his news,The first time returns the adult,If you want to retaliate the summer as soon as possible,I have a way.。”
“any solution?”
“Qinghai University has a girl named Yunno,Is the sister of the summer and the Thunder,According to my survey,She is raised by the Thunder’s home.,If an adult is to force the Thunder?,Many articles on her。”
Gangan stunned。