Fan Liancheng has no mood to pick these jokes,But it is not like meeting in the first two years.,No face,After all, I will grow up slowly.,Thoughts are also mature,Reply:“I follow her sister.,A girl named Wu Guanrui said it,You do the marriage,People are not as real as me.,So don’t ponder it.,impossible。”

“I have never seen it.,How can I know it?,Green spleen is big,Her sister is more,I will eat meal after going back.,Chat with a chat,Older,Not urgent。”
Fan South China is a violent temper,The hand under the hand is most afraid of him。
However, Feng Wheelflow,Son that encounters such a oil salt,Temper,Even if he is this,Everything is slightly。
NS527chapter game theory
15See again after minute!
Wheitant, whether it is a straw bag,Anyway, about business,Fan Liancheng only has some theoretical experience,This is certain。
A rich second generation,In fact, there is also pressure。
it is done,Others will say that they are high on the basis of the former.,Countless,White hands started。
Did not do well,That is to be big.,I definitely be less than one“spendthrift”Title,The others will also say that there is such a rich home to fail.,It’s really helpled.。
Not working in cafe,Up to just get dying some coffee beans、Or receive a false banknote,In fact, Fan Liancheng will be very embarrassed.,I can only pray that my own Laozi is best nothing.,Treatment of trouble under the moment as soon as possible。
Faith,Old fox facing a bunch of vertical malls for many years,Fan Liancheng is really nothing to grasp,Even counterweight may be difficult,Don’t mention them.。
This point he still has。
Spit out a smoke,Almost no smoke on weekdays,Just came to two heads to start。
The feet are worth a lot of luxury homes,It is a large green grass in the distance.,The scenery is absolutely nothing,Fan Liancheng sees the home of home,A king eight positively quickly escaped,Laugh and ask a boring problem:“I dad, he raised this thing with Koi.,I am not afraid that the beautiful big fish will become rations.?”
“Someone is alone every day,Eat pork beef,I am too lazy to personally hunt hunting.,These squids are also alive.,I rarely travel to the place where the water is,Anyway, I have never seen a big koi being eaten.。”
Liu Zhenlong Assistant is nothing today。
Fan boss has other secretaries and assistants,I can also ask other executives to drive.,The only requirement to him this morning is to settle in Fan Liancheng.,So at this moment, you are lazy.。
See Fan Liancheng interested in these animals,Liu Zhenlong invites him to supplement:“Horse horses over the golf course,Also spread a small group of plum deer,Just with the decoration,It should be legally raised。I heard that there are people who have a pension abroad.、Raise leopard,We can’t,Someone sent your father a beautiful big parrot before the birth,I heard that I didn’t have a raising.,Just send it to the zoo.,It turned over and will say a boss to make a fortune.,In fact, please ask。”
“I am going to see the deer when I am free.,When I was young, I learned Golf.,The competition also held in the school,I am now giving the coach now.。I don’t like to parenarrotes,Those guys are not close to people,But such a big yard does not raise a dog,It is a pity。”
“I have a friend in the business dog house.,I want to tell me directly.,I will help you tomorrow.。”
Fan Liancheng is slightly somewhat,Then shake the head:“I think,Let’s talk about it next time.……”
What will I do if I didn’t ask my old man?,These issues are better to talk to their father.,First eat something down now,Turn it back to the door,Walk everywhere with tourism。
Just is the peak period of get off work,Even the luxury car is also blocked in the traffic,Sitting in the spacious seat of the phantom,From time to time, chat with Liu,Quietly remember, for example, Chenghuang Temple、Old street、Place name of Yuyuan,I plan to come back this time.,All going to play a circle。
As for business district、Square, etc.,In addition to their own business,Fan Liancheng is not interested,Many shopping malls around the Imperial Polytechnic,I have already tired of thousands of department stores.。
The first place is naturally the Bund。
Today Friday,More people,Most of the other than the side of the water side,The car stops in the underground garage of the Peace Hotel,Shortly, Fan Liancheng will follow the crowd to the waterfront。
Look after,Western architecture for a building,One of them has a big clock,Just at least 7 o’clock in the evening,There is a bell sound。
On the other side of the river,Fan Liancheng saw the apartment that is said to sell up to 130,000 square meters,In addition to it, there is a tall building,Landmark TV tower is towering,Since the building is not completed,Light is only a general。
Liugui pointed to the other side,Tell:
“Company in Jinmao Building with a sharp,Lease three layers as office buildings,Local from the high-rise building,There is also a small building,That is the headquarters of Longcheng,It’s just here.。
Fan always tangled,The company name is on that piece,Many people want to buy,2004I have always wanted to start after the year,Even the design maps are doing well,But I am afraid that there are too many spending money.,Profit is not as good as covering the house,The company is quite big in the company。Your dad wants to have a building,Hang company signboard above,So let everyone see,But it is not high compared to investment.,The highest building is now all rented.。”
“After watching the collections at home,I don’t know my dad’s character.,What is chosen between the wind and profits,Should be very difficult。After all, the painting can only hang at home.,Built the building in the central business district,If you can see more people,If it is me, I will feel,It is natural or skyscraper to be more attractive to real estate developers.。”
After listening to Fan Liancheng,Liu harmoniels smile:“New millennium,Your father talks to Jinmao,At that time, I said that I was waiting for myself.,Also engage in a building specialized,I am standing next to him.。Eight years ago,At that time, Longcheng is just a small company.,Holding a price of 3,800 square meters near the Hongqiao,People are too noisy,Don’t want to buy,Fan always has an urgent replacement to another real estate company,The preparation of running roads after bankruptcy is already ready,Think about it now。”
No one has said these things with Fan Liancheng.,It’s just a little impression on it.,When I was a child, my parents were really busy.,Be late every day。
But then he is still small.,Even what is pressure is not clear,Not don’t mention the trouble。
“It is difficult to cover up the office building,Is my dad’s dream?”