Li Xiang Tao said to see him.,Hesitate,Also lifting:“in addition,I have heard some news recently.,We may be unfavorable to our company。”

NS468chapter Red
Wang Dynasty saw him,Browish:“what news?”
Li Xiang Taozheng:“I heard that Sina has been with South Korea.《Heaven》DeveloperncsoftCompany reached an agreement,The two must set up a new company in China.,To introduce and promote operationsncsoftdeveloping、At the moment, it is popular in Korea’s classic online games.《Heaven》and《Heaven2》。
It is clear,Sina is also wanted to enter the game market to distinguish。
And it is just one of them.,According to the news I have learned recently,Netease also has a new action,It is said that it is already in online games in Korea《Elf》Developer sign the agent agreement,Soon, we must introduce domestic public beta。
In addition, the game new trunk is signed.《Heaven’s myth》;
Huawei signed《second to none》;
Jinshan is said to have also developed a new game.,Call《Swordman love》,Close completion,I am going to be released soon.。
The domestic gaming world is recently described as a dark tide,And this is just what I heard.,I don’t know how much I haven’t heard.。
If nothing unexpected happens,Next, domestic game market should have a large wave game concentration。
There are so many games at once.,Will definitely form an impact on us,Save some of our market。
The situation is not optimistic,Steady,We’d better prepare for it.,I want to think about the next response plan in advance.。”
Help……Netease、Rival、Game new trunk line,Even Sina also signed《Heaven》,Want to enter the game market,So many companies in the game, I want to play in the game.。
This is to see Tsheng listed,I got a million financing at once.,Hundreds of billion,Allocate,I also want to pull the cake.。
Wang flows up,Face gradually downs up。
As Li Xiang Tao said,There are more games in one more.,Especially the new wave endorsement《Heaven》,Popular Korea,It is a well-deserved hall game in Korea.,He agent《legend》Also just it’s cottage。
Now genuine should enter the domestic and cottage to grab the market.……Think about it is a little nervous。
There are also Netease、Rival、Jinshan and game new trunk line,Although their own agents《Elf》《second to none》《Heaven’s myth》,And Jinshan research and development《Swordman》These four games,He didn’t hear,Calling is temporarily unable to comment。
However, these four companies are considering a more powerful game operator in China.,Nothing of vision and ability,Dare agent or research and development,It is definitely a foreground that recognizes these games.,Competitiveness is not underestimated。
I can’t say that I can spend the explosion.,Thus becoming the enemy of Tiangheng。
Even if you can’t explode,So more games are added,It is also enough to bring a wave of impact to Tiangheng.,Each is afraid only to take a little market,Add up and enough to make Tiansheng。
Something is really serious,Can’t fall,I have prepared it early.。
How to deal with?
Wang traffic,He gradually has a thinking,Look at Li Xiangtao Road:“How long does the company have not launched a new game??Are you launched a plan recently??”
Li Xiang Tao Road:“Have been half a year,Previous efforts have been preparing for listing,I didn’t take care of it.,Two is also afraid that in case the new game performance is not ideal,Will affect the company’s valuation,Even hindrance。
so,Since decision to go public,I haven’t launched a new game again.,As for the plan……”
Li Xiangtao said a meal,Look at the Wang Flow,Guess:“You want the company to launch a new game,Come with Sina、Netease’s competition?”
Wang traffic nodded,He is indeed this idea,A more fun game,Playing more, will be greasy,And several games in Tiangheng,The launch time is still traced back to the most recent year.。
Farthen one,Tiansheng’s work《legend》,It is already more than three years.。
So long to play,Players are passionate and definitely,If you only use these games to talk to NetEase、Huasheng and other new games to be launched to compete,No matter what they want,What response is made?,Some passive situation。 Best response,Still also launch a new game,Take this to fill the player’s demand for new games,Grab the time of players,In turn block the user flows to Netease、Huawei and other companies,Consolidate the market share of heaven。
Li Xiang Taoji,The king’s intention is probably thinking.,Objective,It is really a way,but……
“If you launch a new game,In case the performance is not ideal,Instead, they are robbed by Netease.,It is very likely to let them step on us.,The consequences may be more serious,Does this risk are not a bit big??”
“So I have to find a reliable、Competitive good game talented。”Wang traffic laughs。
“Reliable、Competitive good game……”
Li Xiangtao frowned thinking about it,Then suddenly the eyes:“Don’t say,There is also one。”