Mobile phone suddenly received a message。

Zhouzhi quickly opens the point。
Yin Le:picture
Yin Le:Titting and timetable,Set down
Yin Le:Um
Depth:Wake up so early
Yin Le:You are not,I can’t do it.,You should still put the National Day.
Depth:Go out to play
Yin Le:envyg
Zhou looked at the phone to fall into hesitation,I don’t know how to reply him is not a person who is good at chatting.,However, it is very difficult to speak.、People who send time,He doesn’t want to easily let him。
Depth:correct,I still have something
Yin Le:?
Depth:I know two people with a very weight,Can you bring them on some less important strokes??For example, when dining,It’s my friend.,I think it should be able to have a certain degree of sitting effect.
Yin Le:This is a good thing.
Depth:is it okay?
Yin Le:sure!But really is it??
Depth:real Yin Le:Very good
Yin Le:Have more components?
Depth:One is a student before Ming Gong,Also a big demon,The other is the pro-official officer
Yin Le:??
Yin Le:Will not be a stalk??
Yin Le:Speechless
Yin Le:You just want to take him with him.?However, you can really make friends to the town farm as a friend.,I also recognized,Just when he is an added
Depth:no problem
Yin Le:This can not be jokes
Depth:Those big demon met her
Yin Le:That line,I applied for it.
Depth:sorry to bother you
After the completion,He aimed at the wall bed。
So far, Yin Le still doesn’t know the true identity of the adults of the group.。
Yin Le:I am busy first.