There is some headache in the night.,At this time he is the so-called“Guard team”Just disgusting。

The shadow has a contradiction before the night.,If he is“Curse”Nearby,opened“Seven-star legacy”。
Therefore attracts“Grade five”Zai 12th,So the little loli here,Don’t you be threatened??
“I want to help you no problem.,Just do those guards,I will help it.。”
In night,Things to make this situation,It is definitely those who are arrogant“Guard team”Pot。
If they can watch the shadow,There is no such a mess.。
Little Loli will not be threatened,Night is not necessary,Waste“Qi Yu is seriously punched”Use of use。
“Please forgive them at night.,Although they are dead,But they also pay the price.。
After the shadow is escaping,They are all killed,In addition to the captain’s stress,Successful evacuation,Everyone is dead.。”
The Holy Tiansi also want to be respoted“Guard team”of,But seeing only the sturdy people returning,The sacred hen is not tolerated.。
I heard the words of the Shengtian,The first reaction of the night is to be stunned.,Then it is a buntelet。
That is called“Sturdy”of,Can run from a shadow?
80% is the shadow of the shadow,This goods are directly selling teammates.。
But now I ask the Shengtian,Cry out that sturdy,Obviously the holy hers are not possible to agree.。
“So I changed a condition,I successfully solved this trouble.,I have to pick up the curse of Tokyo District.,And you must provide assistance。”
Night said another condition,This is also what he has been troubled before.。
Because the Tokyo is too big.,Some“Curse”Night can’t find it at all。
And because of the large amount of night“Curse”,Also attracted some attention,Start hinder the night in some actions。
So this time I simply,Sales like Shengtiao。
Actually, you all excluded“Curse”,It is better to put those children,Let me give me。
And the Shengtian is protected by the issuance“Curse”Law,I have been obstructed by other high-level big men.。
Don’t worry now.,Bundle“Curse”Let the night,I don’t need to promulgate what protection law.。
Night is those“Curse”Best protection law!
After hesitating for a while,In the end, I can only promise,If those“Curse”In the case of yourself,They will help them go“Curse”。
Chapter 84 In case of Qian Shou Xia Shi
For the Sheng Tianzi answer,Night, no sisters。
exist“Curse”Under the situation you are willing?
In this choice,There will be“Curse”Do you want??
On the one hand, it is hungry,From time to time, you must suffer from bullying tokyo。
The other side is able to eat enough,There is also a lot of a bunch of paleologies,How to choose,Even those children,You should also know this choice.。
It is estimated that after this thing,entire“Tokyo District”Curse,Except those that become“Starter”Little Loli,Others will come to the night here.。
After discussing good conditions,Naturally, it works.。
Night, let the Sheng Tianzi will return the phone to Tong Tong,Asked another party,After the Lianto’s position。
Night is not thinking about it in that direction.,Others may not be the opponent of the blind。
But the night feels,Lian Taro is absolutely not here。
Getting along so long,Although I have never seen this,But the fool can see。
If this world has“main character”if,Then this person must be Lian Taro。
And if you want to find a counter,Follow“World’s child”,Undoubtedly the fastest。
Night, in order to strive in the shadow,Open“Seven-star legacy”Before,Always hidden again along the way,Direct use“Hairstyle”Hurry。