No, just wait。

No third road can go。
“Duan Yu generation of people, unfortunately walked wrong。”
Gao Bao Yi sorry,Cat cried with fake compassion。
Duan Yu went wrong with the road??Perhaps, but then you will get this conclusion from the high-alze angle.。
Don’t say that ancient clan society is modern.,Your nephew has the opportunity to fly Yellow Tengda.,So you don’t give him help.,Instead, he helps his opponent to deal with him.,Right?
Where is the world?,I have never had such a reason.。
Duan Zhao’s origin,I decided that he must be the enemy of Gao Biyi.。As the origin of the Light, I decided that he can jump on both sides.。
some people,Because of the relationship between identity and ability,Even if he wants to go to the opponent to be a dog,The other party will not give him a vacant location.。
Seeing that the light of the Light is satirical,I didn’t laugh,Gao Baoyi is also a bit awkward,Sigh:“Be both life,He life!”
Their other three countries,In the father-in-law Li Zugui“Promote”under,Spread very far,A lot of stories inside,More,It is quite known in the army.。
but,The author of the book becomes Li Shini!
Li Zuqi is shamelessly deprived of Gao Baoyi’s copyright,Beautiful name:You have not written a word。
The lawn light naturally knows between Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu“Astonity”s story。
Used to describe segment,Can only be said to be objective。
However, Zhuge Liang can not kill Zhou Yu’s brother,And Gao Biyi is a filial piety of the younger brother who kills the mother’s mother.!
At this moment,Foreigners shouted in the big account:“Large manager,Triad of the fish!”
The old fish is not a spent to spend the enemy.?It’s coming back so fast.?
“come in。”
soon,The old fish of the dust servant come in,He still has a person who has been tied to his hands.!
“Fish will leave,Other people go out first.。”
Gao Bao waved,屏。Old fish is in a glance,He can feel,This battle Gao Biyi is obviously dependent on the Light,And the other party uses soldiers and the righteousness.,Can be said that experience is extremely,Make people unfair。
“Old fish,This is a result.?”
Gao Boyi looked at the old fish,Slightly weird asked。
Is the old fish to catch a captive??The people in front of you are calm,Did not be arrested,Mingzhu is not accidentally caught here.。
“Who is this?”
Gao Bao is curious,He made a look,Old fish cut the rope tie on the other hand with a knife。
“I am a person who is a tribute to the generals.,Special transfer。”
That person is not humble,Look at the look very calm。
Is it a fraud??
Gao Biyi’s law light is eye-catching,I just thought of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms,I didn’t expect that the familiar play coding appeared so soon.。
“cough,that,You said that you are the general of the army.,May have evidence?”
The man actually swayed his head.。