“Hey-hey,Really nor。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Shedy,to be honest,She feels that I have any attempts to chase you.,She warned me,I certainly don’t cool.。”

“so it is,Lin Feng,Please do not mind that,The cold is my best sister.。”Bei Xue Yin nodded:“She is good for me.。”
“I know。”Lin Feng smiled:“Have a meal,Have a meal。”
“Um!”Bei Xueyin nodded。
I immediately dinner,After eating, I came to the Ward of Ward of the People’s Hospital of Zhongzhou City.。
“elder brother,Snow, you are coming.。”Lin Di is busy lying down。
“Lying down。”Lin Feng came to bedside。
“fine。”Lin Die laughs。
“Little butterfly,Feel better?”Bei Xueyin asked。
“much better。”Lin Butterior nodded。
“Sister,I will not come in these days.,I am going to Southwest China.,What is going on, hit your scorpion?。”Lin Feng Yu。
“I see,elder brother,You can rest assured.。”Lin Die laughs:“Pay attention to the road。”
“Um,Shedy,let’s go。”Lin Feng looked at the Bei Xue Yin。
Bei Xueyin immediately 叮 下 林 蝶,Then the two turned around to go out of the ward。
Lin Butter is looking at Lin Feng and Bei Xue Yin’s back silently,Then she wore her clothes and went out.,Her figure came to the corridor。
“doctor,doctor,Fast rescue。”Just came here at this time.。
“Nangong Ocean!”Lin Butterfly heard this voice,Suddenly turned to the direction of the sound,The owner of this sound is an ocean of the Nangong。
These special wards are the rescue room,Of course, it is also to save those rich people.。
The Nangong Ocean in the distance is behind a few doctors,These doctors push the car,It is a woman’s figure on the car.。
The woman is taking a ponytail,The blurred rotor is also familiar with Lin Die。
“Wang Ting!”Lin Di is busy running past。
“boom!”The door of the rescue room is tightly closed。
The figure of the Nangong ocean is blocked outside the door,Lin Butterfly’s figure came to the door of the rescue room。
“Nangong Ocean!”Lin Butterfly shouted a Nangong ocean。
Nangong ocean heard the words,His face is tired,Both brides with blood,He looked at Lin Butterfly,Slight surprise:“It’s you?Lin Butterfly。”
“Wang Ting?”Lin Di is busy asking。
Nangong ocean heard the silence,His face suddenly reveals the color,Oh, just like a crazy.:“roll,You and Lin Feng are a group of people.。”
“What do you mean by Nangong Ocean??What is the relationship with my brother?!”Lin Butterfly。
Nangong ocean once again:“Lin Feng,He is a beast,A completely distant animal,hypocrite,rat。”
This,Put Lin Butterfly。
Nangong ocean turned over the gate of the rescue room。
“What happened??Nangong Ocean,If you are a man, you will clear what you know.,Don’t insult people here。”Lin Die went up and asked,She always feels hidden。
Nangong ocean,When he turned he suddenly stared at Lin Butterfly,His face is constantly changing。
“You really want to know?”Nangong ocean,He took out a smoke,Ignite,And then smoked a smoke,Spit a smoke ring。
“say clearly,this matter。”Lin Butterfly cold:“Don’t get unknown。”
Nangong ocean 闻 闻 上 上:“Wang Ting, I found my own leukemia before graduation.,Late stage。”