Between the hegemony, the horror of the horror,This breath is shocked,The whole mountain is shaking,The surrounding land is shaking。

Sports wolf big hand,His hand presents scarlet,There are many black textures.,The palm is like a small universe.,Allocate everything,Shrouded to the mora,The space around the same moment is also imprisoned。
The figure of the magical spirit is not moving,Eye god is getting colder,Seminar is getting more and more horrible。
When you look forward to it,A cold voice came from the mountain:“Domineering,Does your face are smoked??”
Tell this,The tyrant looks coldly。
“Even my voice can’t hear it??”Lin Feng said cold,It’s like the cold ice in the depths.。
The tyrant is completely moving.。
Lin Feng’s figure is moving around the magic spirit,Reserve the devil behind,Watching the wolf with a murder。
“Lin Feng,Is your little animal!”The tyrant looks at Lin Feng bite his teeth,Quasi-fluency。
Just when the tyrant is over,Lin Feng’s figure gave up,A slap taking a slogan。
The roir is directly populated by Lin Fengjia.,A teeth flies out,I spit blood in my mouth。
The power of this slap can be said to be controlled to the peak,No slightest power overflow。
Skille,When you look up,A grinding disk size is again smoked on the face of the Sports Wolf。
The tyrant is again flying again.,He wants to resist,But I can’t resist it.,The meditation is like an invisible force to imprison his body.,Let him be difficult to move。
Lin Feng, a slap, a slap,Shooting like lightning,Skiff is constantly flying out,He vented anger and killing in his heart。
The spirit of the magic spirit is looking forward to the back of Lin Feng.。
Magic Spirit,Maybe I am afraid of Lin Feng’s trouble.,Let Lin Feng stopped。
Lin Feng turned around and laughed:“I think it is not enough.,Woman moving me Lin Feng,Pay a price,Domineering,Ggo!”
Lin Feng is kicking in the satellite,This foot seems to contain endless power。
The screams came from the throat of the slogan.,The body of the SME was kicked by Lin Feng and went to the distant void.。
“Lin Feng Xiao,I won’t let you go.!”The scream of the Skillers came from the distant void。
Sports sound void,Many of the Jiuge have heard his snoring.,Suddenly cause many people’s attention,Some strong people have spread voids,Just look at this scene。