Take the house of Yin Haijia,After living in three days, Chen Linzhi found,Wan like it into the chicken nest,upstairs、Neighborhood,There are also more tenants,Are engaged in the flesh。

Occasionally business simultaneously,Walking on the corridor,Like listening round,For his young feelings、Strong boy,It is really difficult to。
Okay during the day,Especially at night,Once you are awake, it is hard to fall asleep.,Bigns extremely noise,Sound insulation effect is true,Clearly。
So today he is looking for the place to say Wang’s old man.,Ready to make things,Go back to receive remuneration。
If the so-called gold and silver jewelry is a money,Chen Linzhi is ready to rent a small house first,Moving out from Yin Zhenjia。
Development of the world,Sundiality。
San Francisco Tangren Street has been several decades,Compared with the 30 or 1930s of the century,Almost no change,Old architecture everywhere,New construction is very small,Road on the road,The sewer is faint about about the decadent odor,Stack of sundries in each alley,No one is responsible for management。
The location of Wang You said,Chen Linzhi still remember。
Pick the store,I bought three meat bags a vegetable bag,During the period, he had a sixty-year-old store.,Try to hear:“uncle,I have a restaurant here.,The name is called Xianfeng Hotel.?Do you know where??”
“of course I know,I was still in the same day.,There is a thirtie years of hard work.,What do you ask this??”The old uncle pinch buns,As well as the mouth。
Chen Linzhi Huawu:“Find relatives,The old man is not good.,Remember the younger brother who left home in the same year,I heard that I have lived inside.,So I want to see if I can hear it.。”
“Oh,You will walk along this road.,Go to the door of the motorcycle to turn left,Not much to see。”
Chen Linzhi pays for people,Walk around。
The filling of the meat bag is slightly sweet,Soup juice into the face,Excellent taste,Lee meat is more fat,Not greasy,Very tight。
Some old stores look old,But the craftshaware inheritance,Can take the roots in this place,How many years don’t fall?,Naturally has a unique highlight,Recently annoying,He is very appetite。
Street children are playing basketball,Wild grass around the venue,The basket is also worn out。
Basketball runs to the street,Just get it from Chen Linzhi,I took two next one.,Basketball is very far away,Directly fall into the basket。
Good luck is on the one hand,This is really quite strong,I have no heart to think about a group of half-size children.,After walking to the car。
Asked another passerby,Finally found Xianfeng Hotel, which is now being transformed into residential area,According to Wang’s statement,People who want to find live behind the hotel。
本 制 制 风,Plus the price of oil prices,Leading the provincial oil car,Started to stand in the United States,Sales continue to rise。
At this moment,A brand new Toyota car,From Chen Linzhi。
Reflective light through glass,What is the accident?,Chen Linzhi quickly turned,The sight is closely staring at it not far behind him.,Tall man with black windbreaker。
He didn’t have seen each other’s face,I can’t see it now.。
However,And familiarity wearing a mask hat,Still let Chen Linzhi detected the first time,This guy is in the restaurant a few days ago.,Take out the ax when you want to smash your arm。
The other party see Chen Linzhi back,Action slightly pause,Probably something is accidentally found.,Also standing in that no longer walking,Didn’t work now、Painted stupid things。
Some desolate this place,The pedestrians are rare on the road。
Chen Linzhi’s friends are not around,This is no longer helped him.,Muscle instantly tight。
See each other hands-on bag,I thought it took a weapon.,Already made a good one,Preparing for yourself from both sides。
Time to take a second in a second。
Stalemate,Male tall man lifting legs,Come to Chen Linzhi,Half face is covered with black mouth,How can I not see the expression?。
Take your legs?
Chen Linzhi thought,I can have my clothes thick.,Shoes are not feet,Clothing is added more than ten pounds,He didn’t believe it or not by the other person.。
Since it is difficult to escape,Did not run。
This will be bent over,Quickly grab a distinctive stone on the side of the roadside,The next second is a man who has four or five meters away from himself.!
The past is not lost,Not afraid of can’t afford trouble,I thought that the other party bite himself.,Most of the fierce,So face life and death,Chen Linzhi shot fairly,Hispoint。
But unfortunately,This time is not just。