“shut up,I’m so embarrassed to talk about others here,Your eldest brother can’t,And be the deputy village head for a few days,You?Not even qualified to elect a deputy village head,I’m so embarrassed to nominate you“Wang Degui’s eyes stared,I scolded Wang Youcai。

Dad what’s wrong today,Yell at anyone。Is it because Xia Jian became a shit honorary mayor?,He is unbalanced?Wang Youcai thought of this,He smiled and said to Wang Youdao:“Second brother,Don’t you know,At noon today,I’ve made Xia Jian miserable“
“Just like yours,Can give Xia Jian to the miserable,People won’t fix you,Lucky for you“Wang Youfa deliberately attacked Wang Youcai with words。
Wang Youdao saw that these two people were fighting again,He asked with a smile:“How did you fix him,Speak out and let us all follow along“
Wang Youcai sounds exciting,So he told the heart-wrenching Chen Na to tease Xia Jian on the street at noon today,I went through it from beginning to end。
Wang Youdao didn’t laugh after listening,He stretched his face and asked:“You mean Ouyang Hong and Xia Jian are shopping together at noon?You are not mistaken!“
“Where did they come from just after eating?!It shouldn’t be shopping at noon,Should be waiting for the bus“Wang Youcai watched,I took a look at Wang Youdao who was not happy。He can’t figure it out,How come my second brother is unhappy when he hears that Ouyang Hong and Xia Jian are together?
Wang Degui raised his head and glanced out the window,Suddenly lowered his voice and said:“We can’t let Xia Jian have such a smooth sailing,Should find something out,But to talk about strategy,It’s better not to come out in person,Be prepared to retreat“
Wang Degui is indeed an old traitor,He finally asked his sons to deal with Xia Jian。They used to fight in secret,Now it seems to be upgraded to Mingdou。
Chen Yueqin’s dinner is brought up,Eating as a family,While discussing how to create trouble for Xia Jian。Mention of these,Wang Youcai hates Xia Jian to death。The mine was smashed this time,Let him lose thousands of yuan innocently。Although he didn’t do it by Xia Jian,,But also because of him。
The police went too,But solve the case in the mountains,Harder,What’s more, this group has already prepared,They came when he was not only absent,Even Tian Wa, the mine guard leader, isn’t there。Wang Youcai feels like he was done by an acquaintance,But he couldn’t remember for a while who would do this to him,So I kept this account on Xia Jian’s body。
Although Wang Youfa is the eldest son of the Wang family,But he can’t say how much hatred Xia Jian has,On the contrary, he thinks Xia Jian is really wrong,Not only brought the people of Xiping Village on the road to prosperity,Now it will spread to the entire Pingyang Town,This is a great thing for our children and grandchildren,He doesn’t understand,Why dad still have trouble with such a capable person。
“Have hair!You can be your factory manager,Don’t participate in Xia Jian’s affairs,Because you participate and not participate are the same,As long as you don’t mess up“Wang Degui suddenly said to Wang Youfa who didn’t say a word。
Wang You snorted coldly:“OK!Then I don’t need to stay here“Wang Youfa finished,Get up and go,Disappeared into the night in a few steps。
Wang Degui was so angry that he shook his head,He wanted to excite his eldest son,Let him get involved。As the saying goes, fighting brothers,Are you fighting father and son??But this guy,He actually got him a donkey。
“dad!Don’t be angry,Brother, he’s right to leave,He really can’t do such a thing,I can’t fight myself,No brothers,And the social network is narrow,What’s the use of pulling him in?,I might as well go back and manage his factory“Wang Youcai persuaded his father Wang Degui。
Wang Youdao glanced at Wang Youcai,Suddenly frowned and said:“Don’t be too proud,I heard that you raised a large number of thugs in Pingdu,What do you want?Do you want to be the boss of the underworld??“
“Second brother,Don’t listen to them,What a large number of thugs,Just three or five members of the mine guard team,Sometimes when i come out,I just brought them for personal safety,Come in large numbers。I think,I don’t need money to raise so many people!dont you agree?“Wang Youcai responded fast enough,Three or two sentences blocked Wang Youdao’s mouth。
This evening,The third father and son of the Wang family talked until late,They came up with so many stinky ideas,It seems that Xia Jian is in bad luck again。