“Oh shit!”

Pig brother’s heart is evil.,This Shen Xuan made him very unhappy.。
In the day,In the game, I encountered the anchor of the charity.,Let them commit suicide,All is made,This Shenxuan is fell,I still have to ridicule myself.?
This is not looking for your strength.?
“Pig brother,let’s go,Lessons learned this person!”
“This is called Xuan Ge,Obviously, I have not experienced social poisonous!”
“Let him also see the horror of the professional players!”
People in pig brothers are excited.,They all know,This Shen Xuan is really angered the pig brother.,This time you must give them a color.。
“hand/Mine preparation!”
Pig brother suddenly said in the team in the team。
“flash/Bounce ready!”
“hand/Lei is ready!”
Two responsible for flash/Bounce/The member of the thunder returned to a sentence。
“Old four,Give me your spray!”
The pig brother suddenly shouted against the old four in the team.。
“Pig brother,You are doing it.?”
I am convinced。
“Since the other party wants to explode my head with a spray,That time,I will give him some color.!”
Pig brother is clear,“In the early years,I also rely on a big spray.,I can also be afraid of him.?”
“Waiting for you, three people rushed to solve the other two people.,That is Shen Xuan,Give it to me!”
Pig brother dropped his equipment,Pick up a big spray。
“Hahaha,Pig brother is serious。”
“Let it burn,Boiling,Xuan Ge, etc.!”
“Serious pig brother,Will be invincible,unstoppable!”
People in live broadcasts are excited.,A professional player began serious,This is a very terrible thing。
suddenly,A flash/Suddenly slammed up from the downstairs,Follow,Another hand/Thunder is also lost。
Two consecutive two sounds,Shen Xuan only thinks that the screen of a white flower in front of the screen,What also can’t see,The blood on the body was also exploded.!